How to Manage Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Stress Effectively?

Dr. Purushothaman
April 22, 2020

“Let us Label it as the Pandemic Stress of this Millennium”
The Coronavirus/COVID-19 word is at the tip of the tongue of everybody all the time all over the world for the last few months. The whole situation created a great impact in our life, resulting in a lot of unfortunate, unforeseen and unforgettable miseries and challenges starting from life-threatening medical morbidity and mortality resulting in a break down in the personal, family, social, work and workplace and economic areas. The current episode has shattered our life in all accepts leading everybody to great uncertainty and nothingness.

We should understand the fact that even though we are at the peak level of comforts luxuries, technical advancements- as human beings we are the victims of various types of stress and strains and the related problems which are following us like a shadow all the time. The more we are advanced- the more we are the victims of the stress and the related problems. Currently, we are passing through a tough time where human relationships are broken and various negative emotions like anger, vengeance, hatred, violence, terror and the like are increasing day by day. Really we are at war with ourselves our family, society, country and the whole world on the verge of a world war. For the last many years we could notice that nature is also against the whole humanity causing extreme climatic changes, natural calamities, and disasters, etc.
Even though we label the current COVID-19 pandemic as a mysterious new viral problem, really it is a creation/manifestation/product of our nature.

Can we deny that? Of course, we can make various postulations, hypotheses and comparisons and the like. It is a fact that this pandemic is the most miserable disaster for humanity ever occurred in the history of mankind.

An Overview of This Pandemic Stress

This most unexpected natural calamity has really added oil to the fire in the already existing problems and challenges to everybody all over the world. The stress situations following this pandemic are reflected in the personal, family, social, work and workplace and all other areas of life. He interesting fact is that this sudden treatment has triggered or stimulated the already existing stress and strain and other mental and emotional problems in a great majority of the population leading to overt mental health disorders by about 50% increase.

The special COVID-19 related fear, Anxiety, tension, phobia, anger, isolation, confusion, irritability and a host of other symptoms are breaking the balance in our daily life. Problems of health and related issues, lack of medical care and support for the already existing medical problems, family problems, work and workplace problems, domestic and social violence, dislocation and relocation problems, loss of job/vocation, financial problems, academic and educational challenges, traffic and traveling problems, communication issues, lack of food products, shattered business plans and projects and the like hundreds of daily situation. The list is very long.. you can add any number of items as you experience…
Really we are stumbling in darkness!

Nobody has got a clear cut idea about what to do when to do and where to do ad what next…
Yes, a state of total uncertainty…

How to Tide Over This Situation

The challenging question in this situation is how to manage this effectively. In this connection, the idea support and health of each and everybody is highly essential. Of course, all the world organizations, UNO, WHO, and all other leaders, planners rulers, scientists and technologies all over the world should put a collective effort in this period by utilizing all the available support and resources.

In this connection let us think about how each and everybody on the personal level can contribute to this global problem. So every personal attempt to manage this problem at the individual level is highly essential.

  • Try to avoid unnecessary fear and phobia about this disease- Consider it as just any other viral disease accept the morbidity and mortality in the extreme age groups- below 10 years and above 60 years with other complicated medical problems
  • Always get informed about the disease only from authorities like WHO, CDC, and other government sources
  • Never follow the information from social networking sites and the like sources
  • Always follow the advice and guild lines by local health authorities and legal bodies
  • Give importance to self-care in all aspects including positive health and wellbeing.
  • Always have a positive mental attitude that we will be protected and cared for by nature itself.

Some Simple Points to Reduce Stress in Life

Whether it is COVID related or not, the management of stress has got a general protocol that each and everybody should follow. In this situation, we should follow the steps given below so that we will be freed from the severe stress that we have experienced now

Identifying the Sources of Stress.

For better management of our stress, we have to identify the provocative factors like physical mental or emotional or otherwise.
Usually, our family and family problems health conditions financial difficulties and other social problems are the triggering factors. In many situations, our attitude and approach also matter. In some cases, we may not know what is the cause of stress. In a situation like COVID, -19 anything can be a problem as our entire life is deranged.

Healthy Diet.

A healthy high calorie and nutritious and immune-stimulant food are highly essential. Vitamins and minerals are required to ensure healthy brain and neurological functionality. Eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water to see that the food we take is more alkaline.

Physical Exercise.

Exercise is one of the most effective strategies for getting rid of stress. Spend more time for daily exercises in whatever way that suits you. Exercise is highly important to boost our mind and body. Regularity is very important.

Living a Balanced Life.

Living a balanced Life is of paramount importance for a stress-free life. Delegate or share your responsibilities at work and home. Avoid unnecessary things in life. Always try to lead a conscious and mindful living. Try to lead a simple and humble life.

Managing Time Effectively

Managing our time is very important to lead a stress-free life. We should understand the importance of time in our life. Make a "to-do" list. Figure out what’s most important to do. Prioritize tasks and then work on the most important ones. Delegate less important tasks. Schedule extra time for tasks, in case of interruptions.

Find Time For Yourself.

It’s important to care for yourself. Think of this as an order from your doctor, so you don’t feel guilty! In the middle of all problems, we should find time for our self-care and personal comforts.

Have Proper Sleep.

Proper sleep is very important for maintaining a healthy life. Sufficient sleep is needed to boost our mind and brain. Avoid late sleeping habits. Avoid stimulant drinks at night See that you get at least 8 hours of sound sleep per day

Set Your Future Goal.

Set realistic goals at home and work. People often become stressed about something not because it is particularly stressful but because their expectations were unrealistic. When your expectation is unrealistic it may be difficult to achieve your goals. So always set realistic goals in life.

Find Time to Relax.

Whether you choose yoga, meditation, deep breathing or massage, relaxation techniques can put your body into a state physiologic events in the stress reaction are reversed: pulse slows, blood pressure falls, breathing slows and muscles relax.

Laughter is the Best Medicine.

Humour is a wonderful stress reducer. When we laugh, good things happen inside us. Laughter stimulates the brain and causes endorphins to be released, which relax and re-energize us. Laughing also strengthens the immune system and reduces levels of stress hormones.

Share Your Problems.

Ask for help from friends, family or professionals.
Build strong relationships and keep commitments to family and friends.
Avoid unnecessary competition.
Don't try to be perfect. Don't feel like you must do everything.
Always be flexible in life and try to get support from all the available resources
Don't worry about things that you can't control, because the majority of the things that happen in our life are unexpected, like the present COVID stress.

Find Time for Prayer and Meditation.

We should regularly practice prayer and meditation according to whatever system we follow. Regular prayer and meditation will reduce our tension and worries and the accompanying stress and it will take us to a balanced state of mind. Regular prayer and meditation will give us needful insights and guidance from the Higher Self and will help us to lead a happy and harmonious life especially in a situation like this

10 Maxims to Practice

Each & everybody should affirm the following & execute the same properly

  • I shall regularly do those things that are most enjoyable to thee without harming others
  • I shall take time to physically relax or meditate daily.
  • I shall exercise aerobically 3-5 times each week.
  • I shall sleep 7-8 hours each night.
  • I shall not take myself so seriously.
  • I shall grant myself the right to make the right decision.
  • I shall share my feelings everyday with others.
  • I shall eat a healthy, balanced diet.
  • I shall do the important things first.
  • I shall respect and express my own opinions.


Manage your time and your resources wisely
Accept both victory and defeat with humility
Nurture a healthy school and work attitudes
Avoid being impulsive or aggressive
Gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses
Indulge in goal-directed behavior but be flexible
Never make promises which you are unlikely to keep
Guard against being consumed by materialism.
Strive to develop a positive self-concept
Think clearly and positively at all times
Respect the feelings and the rights of others
Experience a healthy attitude toward your sexuality
Seek spiritual understanding and fulfillment
Say "sorry" whenever you need to.
Engage in health-promoting activities
Forgive yourself as well as others and be humorous
Foster the development of effective social skills
Enjoy nature and take good care of your environment
Communicate effectively and not aggressively
Take responsibility for your actions
In times of need, accept assistance readily
Value the gifts of family, companionship, and friendship
Enjoy the serenity of being alone at times
Learn from your experiences and those of others
You need to “let go” of the pain of the past and embrace the whole new world which the future offers.

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