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An Overview of Our Online Health Support
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LivingInWellbeing is a wellness service website devoted to motivating its readers to live a superlative life. For that purpose, we will guide you in a way; that is, great for you: mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and environmentally —as we accept these pillars of wellness are vital and interconnected. Hence livinginwellbeing (one word, not three).
We bring together fitness experts, trusted healers, pioneering doctors under the leadership of Dr. Purushothaman to give you the freshest, up-to-date content and tools to help you lead a healthy and jovial life.
As we all know there’s no versatile solution to wellbeing. But we can all admit that there are some primary solutions such as; Daily workout, stress management, a healthy diet consisting mainly of plants and vegetables, deep and purposeful relationships with fellow beings, a healthy place to live, a connection to mother- nature, deep breaths and the belief that there’s something bigger than us. Holistic healing is good, but it’s not perfect, the same is the case with Western medicine.

Through our free health and wellness support, we offer you a combination of the positive aspect of these two methods, which will show significant improvement in your longevity. Ultimately, you know best what works for you. We're here when you need us.
Our Panel of Doctors from all Systems of Medicines (Under the Direction of Dr Purushothaman), will be giving up to-date & "State of the Art" Health & Wellness Support
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