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Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT)

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An Overview of Our Emotional Freedom Technique Services
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Stress, anxiety and depression are gripping conditions that affect your day to day life. This can get rather frustrating when a person with the above conditions wants to be a bit productive. Getting out of bed becomes a task and so does going through the motions of a simple routine. At such a time it is important to realize that one does not have to dwell in this state of emptiness. Guilt and negative self-talk are vicious loops that push the human spirit down when a person is trying to help themselves.

Mental Illnesses Leave Their Marks

We understand how it all gets tiring, both emotionally and physically. The mark of depression, anxiety and other illnesses such as PSTD and others show up as physical ailments when suppressed and untreated for too long. At such a time, seeking help should be your first step towards getting better. Living In Wellbeing is an organization dedicated to healing people and cutting them free of the ties that hold them from being their best versions. The human spirit and willpower are too strong to be broken; we simply follow our calling to provide pathways for healing our clients. From counseling to therapy sessions, our sole concern is making you feel better than you were before, every single day.

The Effects of Suppressing Emotions and Not Being Able To Let Go

A lot of people are unable to express their feelings. This could be because they simply don’t know how, or that they have the habit of pushing away their emotions and locking them at the back of their minds. Grief, anger, broken hearts, jealousy and rage, when suppressed for too long, blow up in the wrong ways and the outcome isn’t ideal for our physical health. People are not taught positive stress and emotional outlets by our society which results in a person becoming emotionally closed-off or violent in nature. Some may direct their destructive emotions outwards through external aggression, while others who are of a gentler nature resort to self-destructive measures such as self-harming, alcohol and substance abuse.

Emotional Freedom Treatment (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Treatment (EFT) is one of our most effective treatments to help people leave behind the pain and baggage that weighs them down. Victims of trauma bonds and narcissistic abuse also greatly benefit from this treatment; the lightness you feel gradually will be undeniable. Depression, stress, and anxiety can make one feel trapped; the physical manifestations do not make things easier. This is where our Emotional Freedom Treatment comes in to help you release all the bottled and caged emotions and let go.

What do Our EFT Sessions do For You?

Going under Emotional Freedom Treatment with us will show you exactly how deserving of care and love you are. We help you to unlock your identity where you relearn to give yourself back power and take control of your life. You will start developing healthier boundaries, self-esteem and a sense of worthiness. Loving yourself through the good times and bad, despite your scars is what happens when EFT helps you to let go of your past and turn the page. There is beauty in every emotion and every setback. We make sure that you rise above them all. Using the technique of physically tapping onto the 6 pressure points of your body will help you address the symptoms at hand and eventually find the main issue to eliminate it.

Benefits Of Emotional Freedom Treatment

By tapping into your present through Emotional Freedom Therapy, you choose to:
1. Reduces short-term chronic stress
2. Learn to deal with destructive emotions in a positive manner
3. Reducing tension headaches and the feeling of tightness around your neck, shoulders and back due to stress.
4. Better sleep
5. Experience higher energy levels and better moods
6. Getting physically fit

How To Begin and How We Work

You can simply start by reaching out to us at first. Our expert counselors will speak with you and try to figure out how you need to be treated and what issues need to be addressed. The road from there is very simple. We work around your schedules so that you don’t feel inconvenient. The sessions are conducted by psychological and EFT experts who will gently guide you to open up and let go of all the unreleased emotions. Our aim at Living in Wellbeing is to provide you with the best possible treatment so that you can live your life in true wellbeing, physical and emotional. Ultimately, you receive your closure and are left with a sense of peace.
Our Panel of Emotional Freedom Treatment Masters & Counselors, under the Direction of Dr Purushothaman, M.B.B.S; D.T.M&H; MS; PhD (Psycho) will be giving, Up-to-date & “State of the Art” Emotional Freedom Treatment(EFT)
We Also Provide Fear & Phobia Cure

Are you having any of the following problems in your life?

Are you feeling miserable?
Are you feeling confused?
Are you stressed out always?
Are you depressed always?
Are you always feeling negative?
Are you experiencing sleeplessness?
Are you always irritated?
Are you having a lack of sexual drive?
Are you addicted to alcohol & drugs?
Are You Feeling Absentmindedness?
Are You Feeling Angry Always?
Are You Having Anxiety?
Are You Arguing Always?
Are You Feeling Arrogant?
Are You Feeling Avoidance?
Are You Feeling Being Judgemental?
Are You Feeling Over Reactive?
Are You Feeling Scattered?
Are You Feeling Over Emotional?
Are You Feeling Ungrounded?
Are You Feeling Blaming?
Are You Having Blind Devotion?
Are You Feeling Boredom?
Are You Complaining Always?
Are You Feeling Compulsion?
Are You Feeling Confused?
Are You Feeling Cruelty?
Are You Feeling Cynicism?
Are You Feeling Deception?
Are You Feeling Defensiveness?
Are You Feeling Disoriented?
Are You Feeling Fantasizing?
Are You Having Faulty Beliefs?
Are You Having Fear & Phobias?
Are You Having Fixed Ideas?
Are You Having Forgetfulness?
Are You Feeling Frustrated?
Are You Feeling Greedy?
Are You Feeling Guilty?
Are You Having Hatred?
Are You Feeling Hopeless?
Are You Feeling Illusions?
Are You Having Impatience?
Are You Feeling Impractical?
Are You Feeling Impulsiveness?
Are You Feeling Inaccuracy?
Are You Having Indecisions?
Are You Feeling Indifferent?
Are You Always Feeling Low?
Are You totally Confused?
Are You Feeling Inert?
Are You Having Inflexible Character?
Are You Feeling Insecure?
Are You Having Intellectualisation?
Are You Having Intolerance?
Are You Feeling Isolated?
Are You Feeling Jealousy?
Are You Having Lack of Commitment?
Are You Having Lack of Confidence?
Are You Having Lack of Creativity?
Are You Having Lack of Discipline?
Are You Having Lack of Energy?
Are You Having Lack of Purpose?
Are You Having Lack of Trust?
Are You Feeling Laziness?
Are You Feeling Living In The Past?
Are You Feeling Lonely?
Are You Having Low Energy?
Are You Aiming Perfectionism?
Are You Having Poor Self-Esteem?
Are You Feeling Possessive?
Are You Having Poverty Mentality?
Are You Feeling Procrastination?
Are You Feeling Rationalization?
Are You Feeling Repression?
Are You Feeling Resentment?
Are You Feeling Resistance?
Are You Feeling Ridiculous?
Are You Feeling Sadness?
Are You Feeling Self-Obsession?
Are You Feeling Self-Centeredness?
Are You Feeling Self-Deception?
Are You Feeling Selfishness?
Are You Having Unexpressed Emotions?
Are You Always Worried?
Are you having a lack of focus & concentration?
Are you unable to achieve your goals & dreams?
Are you seeing violent, bad & terrible dreams at night?
Are You always worried about your Future?
Are you suffering from unexplained physical illness?
Are you worried about any incurable diseases?
Are you feeling irritable, anxious & tense?
Are You Experiencing A Broken Family Relationship?
Are You the Victim of Past-life Memories and Traumas?
Are You having Unanswered Stumbling Questions in your Life?

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Frequent Questions & Short Answers


Emotional Freedom Treatment (EFT) is one of the ways to help people who are dealing with high emotions and troubling thoughts in life. This method helps in lowering their stress and anxiety levels.

The time taken for EFT to work varies from person to person. A person with lower intensity issues may require only four to five rounds for relief, while a person having high intense issues may need 10 to 12 rounds.

As per studies, EFT is highly effective in reducing the symptoms of depression in a person. The research suggest that EFT is almost equal to or better than other forms of treatment for depression.

EFT allows the brain and body to release stress by regulating the central nervous system (CNS) and releasing negative thoughts and emotions.

When EFT is compared with standards of the American Psychological Association's Division 12 Task Force on Empirically Validated Treatments, it is found that EFT is an evidence based method to deal with depression, anxiety, phobias and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

EFT is good for anyone dealing with emotional problems. It is good for couples as it helps in giving them the skills and ability to become more responsive, accessible and engaged with each other.

Research shows that 70%-75% of people move from distress to recovery, while 90% of people show significant improvement when the EFT method is used by therapists.

EFT Tapping involves tapping the acupuncture points on the face, hands and body while focusing on an issue or emotion you want to resolve. This method reduces stress and anxiety. It helps in resolving fears and making the person mentally healthy.

Some common ways to reduce stress quickly involve listening to music, breathing exercise, a quick walk, stretching, head massage, etc.

Some of the benefits of EFT include reduce stress, better sleep, higher energy levels, relaxed body, power to deal with emotions, better mood, etc.

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