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Do you know, Psychological & Emotional and Mental Health problems affect 450 million people worldwide. In fact, every 1 in 4 individuals has a risk of being affected by some kind of mental health disorder. Amongst all the issues, anxiety affects around 4.7 in 100 people and depression affects around 2.6 in 100 people.

With growing stress and competition, these numbers are just increasing. In spite of such high numbers, a lot of people neglect their mental health or hesitate to speak up about their issues and problems. But, this is not correct. If you do not take action now, it can lead to long-term damage.

Some Facts About Psychological & Emotional Health

Psychological & Emotional and the like Mental Health issues can have a profound impact on how you think, feel and behave. In order for you to function well, your body, as well as your mind, should be healthy. Both work and function together. If one of them is not healthy, the rest of your body will not be able to function effectively.

Only when you are mentally & emotionally and Psychologically fit, you can lead a happy life, work fruitfully, contribute to society and be able to handle and cope with the stress that life may bring.
Mental, Psychological & Emotional health issues can range from your everyday worries to serious long-term problems which require proper treatment to overcome.

What Factors Impact Your Psychological & Emotional and Mental Health?

There are various factors that can affect your psychological and mental well being. Significant life events like the sudden loss of a loved one or any other traumatic event can cause such problems. Excessive stress, poor lifestyle, genetics, physical illness, social exclusion, isolation, feelings of hopelessness, negativity surrounds can also trigger issues. All of these factors impact your emotional well-being and lead to mental deterioration.

How to Address Psychological & Emotional and Mental Health Problems?

Though it is trickier to solve mental health disorders, it is not impossible. Once you detect the issue, you must visit a counseling centre to get the required help. Counseling is one of the best ways to address mental health disorders.

A counselor will never judge you, criticize you or make forced decisions for you. They are there to listen to your issues and find the best solution to make you feel better. They will support you and help you decide what works best for you.

Psychological & Emotional and Mental Health Counseling at Living In Wellbeing

At Living In Wellbeing, we provide psychological & emotional and mental health counseling and therapies to overcome issues like depression, anxiety, fear, phobia, stress, anger, trauma, eating disorder, addictions, marital problems, mood swings in adults as well as children, divorce or family issues, work or career issues, parenting or family issues, relationship or sexual issues and other health concerns.

Our therapy sessions can help you find the root cause of the problem. Based on the cause, we decide the line of treatment and suggest ways to deal with them. We study your individual case in detail to identify the real cause of the problem and accordingly tailor the solution to overcome your specific issues. We look for patterns of behaviour or cause-and-effect relationships between events and use this information in treating your case.

Our counselors and therapists are well trained and hold years of experience, expertise and knowledge in this field. Moreover, our counselors and therapists are licensed and speak in multiple languages for ease of communication. We maintain complete privacy and confidentiality of our patients so you can be absolutely assured that the information you share with us remains confidential.

Our Premium Psychological & Emotional and Mental Health Counseling Services

We have a counseling centre in Kollam, Kerala where we provide in-person counseling. Our Panel of Clinical Psychologists & Counselors, under the Direction of Dr Purushothaman, M.B.B.S; D.T.M&H; MS; PhD (Psycho) will be giving, Up-to-date & “State of the Art” Psychological & Counseling Support. We also provide practical and cost-effective online counseling through our website LivingInWellbeing where you can talk to our therapists and avail the benefits of an online counseling session. We provide online counseling sessions via phone calls, video chat via Skype, chat boxes, messaging, etc. You can take the sessions from the comfort of your home at your preferred timings and as per your convenience without impacting your daily schedule.

The special method, Psychotechnology developed by Dr Purushothaman can change the life of anybody instantaneously. Just like changing the problem creating Virus of the personal computer, we can change the problem creating Thought Virus of our Mind and Brain & we will be changed as we desire. Really it is a Breakthrough Technology to change Our Life.

Our aim is to provide the best treatment or course of action to help our patients rise against the traumatic events and rough patches in life. Therefore, we believe in providing exceptional counseling and psychological services to individuals, couples and families. We want that every individual should attain an overall state of well being and lead a happy and healthy life.

Are you having any of the following problems in your life?

Are you feeling miserable?
Are you feeling confused?
Are you stressed out always?
Are you depressed always?
Are you always feeling negative?
Are you experiencing sleeplessness?
Are you always irritated?
Are you having a lack of sexual drive?
Are you addicted to alcohol & drugs?
Are You Feeling Absentmindedness?
Are You Feeling Angry Always?
Are You Having Anxiety?
Are You Arguing Always?
Are You Feeling Arrogant?
Are You Feeling Avoidance?
Are You Feeling Being Judgemental?
Are You Feeling Over Reactive?
Are You Feeling Scattered?
Are You Feeling Over Emotional?
Are You Feeling Ungrounded?
Are You Feeling Blaming?
Are You Having Blind Devotion?
Are You Feeling Boredom?
Are You Complaining Always?
Are You Feeling Compulsion?
Are You Feeling Confused?
Are You Feeling Cruelty?
Are You Feeling Cynicism?
Are You Feeling Deception?
Are You Feeling Defensiveness?
Are You Feeling Disoriented?
Are You Feeling Fantasizing?
Are You Having Faulty Beliefs?
Are You Having Fear & Phobias?
Are You Having Fixed Ideas?
Are You Having Forgetfulness?
Are You Feeling Frustrated?
Are You Feeling Greedy?
Are You Feeling Guilty?
Are You Having Hatred?
Are You Feeling Hopeless?
Are You Feeling Illusions?
Are You Having Impatience?
Are You Feeling Impractical?
Are You Feeling Impulsiveness?
Are You Feeling Inaccuracy?
Are You Having Indecisions?
Are You Feeling Indifferent?
Are You Always Feeling Low?
Are You totally Confused?
Are You Feeling Inert?
Are You Having Inflexible Character?
Are You Feeling Insecure?
Are You Having Intellectualisation?
Are You Having Intolerance?
Are You Feeling Isolated?
Are You Feeling Jealousy?
Are You Having Lack of Commitment?
Are You Having Lack of Confidence?
Are You Having Lack of Creativity?
Are You Having Lack of Discipline?
Are You Having Lack of Energy?
Are You Having Lack of Purpose?
Are You Having Lack of Trust?
Are You Feeling Laziness?
Are You Feeling Living In The Past?
Are You Feeling Lonely?
Are You Having Low Energy?
Are You Aiming Perfectionism?
Are You Having Poor Self-Esteem?
Are You Feeling Possessive?
Are You Having Poverty Mentality?
Are You Feeling Procrastination?
Are You Feeling Rationalization?
Are You Feeling Repression?
Are You Feeling Resentment?
Are You Feeling Resistance?
Are You Feeling Ridiculous?
Are You Feeling Sadness?
Are You Feeling Self-Obsession?
Are You Feeling Self-Centeredness?
Are You Feeling Self-Deception?
Are You Feeling Selfishness?
Are You Having Unexpressed Emotions?
Are You Always Worried?
Are you having a lack of focus & concentration?
Are you unable to achieve your goals & dreams?
Are you seeing violent, bad & terrible dreams at night?
Are You always worried about your Future?
Are you suffering from unexplained physical illness?
Are you worried about any incurable diseases?
Are you feeling irritable, anxious & tense?
Are You Experiencing A Broken Family Relationship?
Are You the Victim of Past-life Memories and Traumas?
Are You having Unanswered Stumbling Questions in your Life?

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