A talking therapy called psychosexual therapy helps individuals and couples talk about their lives, sexual issues, and preferences in order to address specific sexual issues. Some individuals call this sex therapy. Any how our therapy sessions will definitely improve the sexual, physical & mental well-being of the couples leading to a happy & harmonious family life.

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Frequent Questions & Answers


Psychosexual sex therapy helps in improving the intimacy between couples and helps them overcome or manage any sexual problems in their lives.


Psychosexual problems relate to sexual satisfaction or problems relating to feeling sexually aroused. These problems can be related to emotional or mental conditions known as psychosexual dysfunction.

In Psychosexual therapy, the therapist examines the mind of a person by understanding the physical and emotional factors that are causing the sexual problem.

Psychosexual needs include emotional closeness, sexual contact, conversation, physical closeness and tenderness.

Yes, psychosexual therapy treats individuals experiencing sexual trauma by addressing issues regarding sexual difficulties and suggesting ways to improve sexual function.

Any person doing through relationship issues or sexual problems can get benefit from psychosexual therapy.

During a psychosexual therapy session, you would discuss sexual history, current problems and your goals. You will be given advice and education to overcome the problems. You may also be given some exercises to practice at home.

Living in Wellbeing follows the highest level of ethical standards to protect your privacy and all the details remain confidential.

Yes, at Living in Wellbeing you can do psychosexual therapy online through video conferencing.

Yes, psychosexual therapy is effective for all individuals of all ages.