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An Overview of Our Mental Healing Services
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Dr Purushothaman Kollam is a strong believer in the fact that people can make themselves sick by the way they think. However, he also highlights the positive aspect that the way they think in turn is what can make them healthy again. Mental health is an amalgamation of both emotional and psychological well-being. It helps you demonstrate resilience and affects the way you feel and think. Many people have a negative self-image that has led to a destructive diet. And the process of alleviating your thoughts can help you deal with that. Nurturing mental health can also help us avoid related chronic physical illness.

In today’s world, people experience a significant disturbance in their mental functioning. It causes distress and disrupts a person's ability to function. Social expectations and cultural norms also play a role in defining mental health disorders. With appropriate support, you can detect mental health conditions and receive appropriate treatment, such as medication or even counseling.

As science rapidly charts the brain’s multifaceted structures, new discoveries are revealing the biology of how the mind fails and functions. We may not realize what may have caused it, but most of us have felt it. Conventional therapies work in the long run and have their limitations. Hence, there is a pressing need for a different approach. After years of clinical research and development, Dr Purushothaman has zeroed down on various triggers that affect mental health. He has chalked out easy coping methods that help you fight your mental demons. Finding help for a mental illness can be a confusing and overwhelming process. To ease that, he reaches out to people in need via both, online and offline mediums.

What are the advantages of opting for mental healing?

  • With our advanced program, you will be able to tackle and overcome stress, anxiety and depression.
  • You will see a vast improvement in both, personal and professional relationships
  • You will mark changes in personality, healthy eating and sleeping patterns
  • Your Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor will increase, which improves neurotransmission
  • You will have more clarity in thoughts and better execution skills
  • You will see changes in negative moods such as tension, vigour, fatigue and anger.
  • You will be less likely to overeat and abuse your body with alcohol and drugs.

Not everyone may have any serious notable mental illness. But the absence of illness does not equal good mental health. Hence, it is essential that one receives person-centred healings. Special attention to practices that improve mental health is necessary.

A professional therapist is best suited for evaluating your symptoms and determining the severity of your condition.

When seeking help from a mental health professional, it is essential to find someone who fits your needs and with who you are comfortable working. With Dr Purushothaman Kollam’s undying efforts, Living In Wellbeing is one of India’s leading and inimitable holistic healing and wellness destinations. The evidence-based treatment programs cater to a number of addictions and ailments. It is making a positive impact and transforming many lives.

Are you having any of the following problems in your life?

Are you feeling miserable?
Are you feeling confused?
Are you stressed out always?
Are you depressed always?
Are you always feeling negative?
Are you experiencing sleeplessness?
Are you always irritated?
Are you having a lack of sexual drive?
Are you addicted to alcohol & drugs?
Are You Feeling Absentmindedness?
Are You Feeling Angry Always?
Are You Having Anxiety?
Are You Arguing Always?
Are You Feeling Arrogant?
Are You Feeling Avoidance?
Are You Feeling Being Judgemental?
Are You Feeling Over Reactive?
Are You Feeling Scattered?
Are You Feeling Over Emotional?
Are You Feeling Ungrounded?
Are You Feeling Blaming?
Are You Having Blind Devotion?
Are You Feeling Boredom?
Are You Complaining Always?
Are You Feeling Compulsion?
Are You Feeling Confused?
Are You Feeling Cruelty?
Are You Feeling Cynicism?
Are You Feeling Deception?
Are You Feeling Defensiveness?
Are You Feeling Disoriented?
Are You Feeling Fantasizing?
Are You Having Faulty Beliefs?
Are You Having Fear & Phobias?
Are You Having Fixed Ideas?
Are You Having Forgetfulness?
Are You Feeling Frustrated?
Are You Feeling Greedy?
Are You Feeling Guilty?
Are You Having Hatred?
Are You Feeling Hopeless?
Are You Feeling Illusions?
Are You Having Impatience?
Are You Feeling Impractical?
Are You Feeling Impulsiveness?
Are You Feeling Inaccuracy?
Are You Having Indecisions?
Are You Feeling Indifferent?
Are You Always Feeling Low?
Are You totally Confused?
Are You Feeling Inert?
Are You Having Inflexible Character?
Are You Feeling Insecure?
Are You Having Intellectualisation?
Are You Having Intolerance?
Are You Feeling Isolated?
Are You Feeling Jealousy?
Are You Having Lack of Commitment?
Are You Having Lack of Confidence?
Are You Having Lack of Creativity?
Are You Having Lack of Discipline?
Are You Having Lack of Energy?
Are You Having Lack of Purpose?
Are You Having Lack of Trust?
Are You Feeling Laziness?
Are You Feeling Living In The Past?
Are You Feeling Lonely?
Are You Having Low Energy?
Are You Aiming Perfectionism?
Are You Having Poor Self-Esteem?
Are You Feeling Possessive?
Are You Having Poverty Mentality?
Are You Feeling Procrastination?
Are You Feeling Rationalization?
Are You Feeling Repression?
Are You Feeling Resentment?
Are You Feeling Resistance?
Are You Feeling Ridiculous?
Are You Feeling Sadness?
Are You Feeling Self-Obsession?
Are You Feeling Self-Centeredness?
Are You Feeling Self-Deception?
Are You Feeling Selfishness?
Are You Having Unexpressed Emotions?
Are You Always Worried?
Are you having a lack of focus & concentration?
Are you unable to achieve your goals & dreams?
Are you seeing violent, bad & terrible dreams at night?
Are You always worried about your Future?
Are you suffering from unexplained physical illness?
Are you worried about any incurable diseases?
Are you feeling irritable, anxious & tense?
Are You Experiencing A Broken Family Relationship?
Are You the Victim of Past-life Memories and Traumas?
Are You having Unanswered Stumbling Questions in your Life?

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