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Discover the transformative power of online counselling services tailored to your needs. Our team of skilled counsellors, led by the renowned psychologist Dr Purushothaman, is here to provide the necessary guidance and support during life's challenging moments.
At living well-being, we understand that work-related stress, relationship difficulties, substance addiction, and mental health disorders can affect your overall well-being. That's why we offer professional counselling services delivered conveniently through the Internet.
You can connect with our compassionate counsellors through our secure online platform via text messaging, video chat, and audio messaging. This flexible approach ensures you receive the care you need without the hassle of waiting for appointments or commuting to a therapist's office. Say goodbye to time constraints and financial burdens, as our online counselling services are designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.
While online counselling may raise questions about the lack of face-to-face interaction, we firmly believe in the power of the Internet to create meaningful connections. Numerous studies have shown that online therapy can be as effective as in-person sessions, and we stand by its benefits. Our dedicated professionals are committed to building a solid therapeutic relationship with you, helping you overcome challenges and navigate difficult times.
At living well-being, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address your specific needs. Whether you require e-counseling, online therapy, couples counseling, or free marriage counseling, our experienced team is here to support you every step. We also provide free online mental health counseling, ensuring that emotional well-being is accessible to all.
Privacy and comfort are paramount to us. We understand that discussing personal matters can be sensitive and potentially embarrassing. That's why our online counseling services are designed to be discreet, allowing you to engage in therapy from the comfort of your own chosen environment.
Rest assured, Our dedicated team is always available to address any questions or concerns. If, during the assessment process, we determine that traditional medical attention or face-to-face treatment is necessary, we will guide you to our in-office therapy services if you are located in Kerala or refer you to a trusted local therapist in your area.
Embark on your journey to emotional wellness with living well-being. Experience the convenience, flexibility, and effectiveness of online counseling. Let us help you overcome obstacles, foster personal growth, and live a life of well-being.

Are you feeling miserable?
Are you feeling confused?
Are you stressed out always?
Are you depressed always?
Are you always feeling negative?
Are you experiencing sleeplessness?
Are you always irritated?
Are you having a lack of sexual drive?
Are you addicted to alcohol & drugs?
Are You Feeling Absentmindedness?
Are You Feeling Angry Always?
Are You Having Anxiety?
Are You Arguing Always?
Are You Feeling Arrogant?
Are You Feeling Avoidance?
Are You Feeling Being Judgemental?
Are You Feeling Over Reactive?
Are You Feeling Scattered?
Are You Feeling Over Emotional?
Are You Feeling Ungrounded?
Are You Feeling Blaming?
Are You Having Blind Devotion?
Are You Feeling Boredom?
Are You Complaining Always?
Are You Feeling Compulsion?
Are You Feeling Confused?
Are You Feeling Cruelty?
Are You Feeling Cynicism?
Are You Feeling Deception?
Are You Feeling Defensiveness?
Are You Feeling Disoriented?
Are You Feeling Fantasizing?
Are You Having Faulty Beliefs?
Are You Having Fear & Phobias?
Are You Having Fixed Ideas?
Are You Having Forgetfulness?
Are You Feeling Frustrated?
Are You Feeling Greedy?
Are You Feeling Guilty?
Are You Having Hatred?
Are You Feeling Hopeless?
Are You Feeling Illusions?
Are You Having Impatience?
Are You Feeling Impractical?
Are You Feeling Impulsiveness?
Are You Feeling Inaccuracy?
Are You Having Indecisions?
Are You Feeling Indifferent?
Are You Always Feeling Low?
Are You totally Confused?
Are You Feeling Inert?
Are You Having Inflexible Character?
Are You Feeling Insecure?
Are You Having Intellectualisation?
Are You Having Intolerance?
Are You Feeling Isolated?
Are You Feeling Jealousy?
Are You Having Lack of Commitment?
Are You Having Lack of Confidence?
Are You Having Lack of Creativity?
Are You Having Lack of Discipline?
Are You Having Lack of Energy?
Are You Having Lack of Purpose?
Are You Having Lack of Trust?
Are You Feeling Laziness?
Are You Feeling Living In The Past?
Are You Feeling Lonely?
Are You Having Low Energy?
Are You Aiming Perfectionism?
Are You Having Poor Self-Esteem?
Are You Feeling Possessive?
Are You Having Poverty Mentality?
Are You Feeling Procrastination?
Are You Feeling Rationalization?
Are You Feeling Repression?
Are You Feeling Resentment?
Are You Feeling Resistance?
Are You Feeling Ridiculous?
Are You Feeling Sadness?
Are You Feeling Self-Obsession?
Are You Feeling Self-Centeredness?
Are You Feeling Self-Deception?
Are You Feeling Selfishness?
Are You Having Unexpressed Emotions?
Are You Always Worried?
Are you having a lack of focus & concentration?
Are you unable to achieve your goals & dreams?
Are you seeing violent, bad & terrible dreams at night?
Are You always worried about your Future?
Are you suffering from unexplained physical illness?
Are you worried about any incurable diseases?
Are you feeling irritable, anxious & tense?
Are You Experiencing A Broken Family Relationship?
Are You the Victim of Past-life Memories and Traumas?
Are You having Unanswered Stumbling Questions in your Life?

We are providing a series of Counseling Activities,
Both Online & Offline.

Personalized Counseling
Marital counseling
Premarital Counseling
Patient Counseling
Student & Teacher Counseling
Personal Fine Tuning
Employee&Employer Counseling
Anxiety, Depression& Phobia Counseling
Self Confidence Building Counseling
Crisis Management Counseling
Psychological /Emotional Problems Solving
Our Panel of Clinical Psychologists & Counselors,
under the Direction of Dr Purushothaman, M.B.B.S; D.T.M&H; MS; PhD (Psycho) will be giving, Up to-date & “State of the Art” Psychological & Counseling Support
We Also Provide Fear & Phobia Cure

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Frequent Questions & Answers

Counselling helps people overcome challenges and transform unhealthy emotional, behavioural, and cognitive patterns. This results in a more adaptable mindset and a satisfying change in the individual. Counselling enables healthy thinking, feeling, and behaviour.

It's a fallacy that only highly disturbed people need counselling. Counseling can help anyone who can think, feel, and conduct well most of the time but needs help improving, developing, changing, or improving. Counseling can help students, professionals, couples, and parents.

When a person cannot cope with unpleasant feelings like despair, hopelessness, frequent anxiety, or problems in everyday functioning for a long time, they can consult the Counsellor by appointment. People seek counselling for depression, anxiety, indecision, anger, lethargy, procrastination, addictions, and more

Counsellors can help with anything from common issues to rare situations. Counseling addresses life phases, events, and circumstances.

Relationship issues like frequent disputes, extramarital affairs, sexual anxieties, lack of intimacy, Academic issues include procrastination, difficulty meeting deadlines, low confidence, Distress from peer connections, rejection, illness, bereavement, and loss, Life transitions, personal development, and addiction difficulties,Sexuality and gender identity Anxiety, depression, stress Marriage and commitment decisions Separation or divorce Loneliness Relationship violence and abuse

Only your counsellor knows this. Counsellors keep clients' personal information secret. When someone is overwhelmed and suicidal, their emergency contact will be called.

A counsellor may discuss a session or client with a team member or supervisor to clarify and get advice. Without disclosing client information like name, course, etc. It improves service and client satisfaction. Shared confidentiality.

The counsellor and client collaborate toward a mutually beneficial aim in counselling. This can improve a person's ideas, feelings, and behaviour. It can help people handle difficult situations better. It improves an individual's well-being.

Counselling lasts different lengths for each person. The individual's participation and intricacy of concerns determine it. Counseling typically lasts 2-6 sessions.

Counsellors cannot prescribe drugs. The Counsellor may send the patient to the Psychiatrist if needed,with the informed consent of the client.

Yes, we will endeavour to meet your request, however as night-time counselling slots are limited.

Depending on the counselor's schedule, we'll try to fulfil your request. The appointment queue, counsellor availability, and your Access Form issue evaluation determine appointments.

We take your problems seriously. Do not worry about whether your issue warrants counselling. Many persons seek treatment for emotional, relational, family and other unresolved problems. Counseling is a positive decision to obtain help. When something is little, do it right away so it doesn't get worse.

Yes. The counselling centre keeps client records according to professional norms. All your information are kept highly confidential

You can schedule a consultation to address your worries about a peer, friend, partner, or relative. Let's discuss referrals.

We provide online, offline or both as per the convenience of the client.

Yes. you can reschedule your booking via mutual messaging, prior to the booking date.

Yes! you can very easily access our services by opening the link given below