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Articles usually take 1-3 days to be approved or rejected, and the system does not send out a confirmation.
Generally Admins will publish the articles in the Guest Article section or in other appropriate category and there you can find your article if it is published. You can reach this through this link (We also intimate you directly via Mail as time permits)

Articles are usually published after complete checks in 3-5 days of being submitted. Admin will send emails to the author about the status of article publishing. The system doesn't send out a notice if your article was rejected. Thus, if it's been several days and you haven't heard anything, and the article no longer appears in "Guest Articles".

You can send a mail to about pointing the changes in Word Document or PDF format. Admin will check it and reply based on it.

It will not happen automatically, but it will posted manually after the approval by Admin and a status mail will send to the admin. is not directly adding any external links to it. In some cases Admin will add some links as per the rules & regulations of Centre For Human Perfection to the body of article. If you want to add some link with add it in an article and mail it with contact details to After checking a confirmation mail will send to the author.

You can do the editing by sending the details of the article to the is not promoting any kind of reciprocal link making system. is a combination of more than one topic and there are various menus and ideas are associated with it. If you want to know the real functioning of, just send a mail to We will send you the guidelines about using our Web site

Sure, you can send various articles on different topics. Each of your articles will be published with your name after proper checking and analysis. If your article is ready to be published a manual confirmation mail will send to you.

Step 1 - Login to -
Step 2 - Go to the New Post Page
Step 3 - In that you can see "Add Media" button and there you can upload image from your system.
Or You can directly submit articles & associated images via mail to

You can reach to forum page via this link :
There you can see various topics & discussions. On that there are various spaces for you to make comments. All of the discussions will be under the observation of Admin.

No, you are allowed only to submit Genuine & Original articles not published elsewhere. We will always check for Plagiarization and then only we will approve the articles.(Special Mention : No Articles or Images emphasizing on Pornography or other Adult content will not be accepted)

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