What is Prayer?
Prayer is an acknowledgment or a way to connect with an object of worship through contemplating communication. “Prayer easily stimulate one’s sagacious powers. If done deliberately, all desires may be fulfilled by it; but done oblivious, it won’t fulfill. Such prayer, however, is selfish and should, therefore, be discarded”.
– Excerpt from The Complete Works of SWAMI VIVEKANANDA.
Some scientifically supported benefits of Prayer:
● Prayer improves your self-control.
● Prayer makes you gracious.
● Prayer makes you more forgiving.
● Prayer increases trust.
● Prayer offsets the negative health effect of stress.
Every request we receive here at livinginwellbeing is treated with love, kindness, respect, and confidentiality. You can request prayer by simply filling out the prayer request form below.
When it comes to the matter of Confidentiality. It is very important to us. So, please know that all the information you provide in your prayer request is completely confidential.
Anyone can request a prayer irrespective of religion. We will pray for everyone.
Please leave the following information and rest assured that your request will be turned over to one of our licensed Practitioners for personal attention. We also conduct group prayer session in and across India for schools and institutions. Those who are from Kerala can participate in our group prayer session held at our center.

“The Law of Life is Belief”
Believe !
Have Faith in God !
Get Healed & Blessed !
Irrespective of Your Belief System, feel free to send Your Specific Prayer Request. Our Dedicated Prayer Group & Faith Healers (From all Religions & Spirituality) will pray for You in the Name of Almighty God.

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