An Overview of Our Online Stress Management Programs

Are you stressed? Even by your job or by some personal issues, the first thing to do feel better is to identify the cause.
Dealing with stress management, our team of experts can offer you:
How can you confront Stress?
Here are some ways to face your stress:
▪ Be active
▪ Take control
▪ Socialize
▪ Have your own ‘quality time’
▪ Challenge yourself
▪ Avoid unhealthy habits
▪ Try to help others
▪ Smart work is better than hard work
▪ Always think positively
▪ You can’t change things always, accept that.
If you don’t have time to relax, then you should know this fact.
● When you are in Stress, your brain will activate fight-or-flight alarm system. It causes adrenal glands to release various hormones, which affects your heart rate and blood pressure. In today’s competitive world, most of us are chronically stressed. That means our fight-or-flight system never shuts off, resulting in consistently elevated cortisol levels, which in turn increases the risk of depression, hypertension, and some cancer.
● The high levels of stress hormones can cause damage or dwindle Hippocampus (a component of the brain, which is responsible for long-term memory). A researcher from Rush University found out that, chances of developing memory loss is 40 percent more in Stress –prone people.
● According to research from the Emory University School of Medicine, the stress response hormone may suppress ovulation in women. Another research shows that women undergoing In Vitro Fertility (IVF) were 2.6 times more likely to get pregnant if they also participate in a stress management program.
Let’s manage  Our Stress & Strain Effectively,  by Our Online Stress Management  Programs !
Let’s lead a Serene, Balanced,Relaxed, Happy & Harmonious Life !
Our online stress management Programs includes the following:
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