Through mentoring, people can learn from one another and transfer expertise.
In the workplace, for instance, an experienced professional can mentor a less experienced colleague by imparting expertise and ideas.
Senior mentors at LivingInWellbeing are committed to providing prompt assistance and support to everyone who contacts us.

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Frequent Questions & Answers


Free online mentoring comprises a mentor providing guidelines and advice to his mentees on the internet without charging anything.

Any person who wants guidance and advice in their personal life or professional life can take benefit of free online mentoring.

Having a mentor is beneficial as he will give you valuable insights, help you in improving your skills, expand your network, provide encouragement and emotional support whenever you need it.

At Living at Wellbeing you can communicate with your mentor through various modes like emails, video calls, messaging, etc.

A good mentor is someone who has ample experience and expertise in a particular field, willing to invest time and effort in your growth and development, shares your values and goals.

A mentee should be open to feedback from a mentor, willing to learn, ask questions, defines goals and takes action to reach those goals.

The number of meetings with your mentor will depend on your needs and goals. However, it is recommended to have regular meetings with the mentor at least once a month.

Free online mentoring is as effective as meeting in person if both the mentor and mentee are committed to each other and communicate effectively.

Mentoring is a long term relationship where the mentor guides and advice the mentee for their professional and personal growth. On the other hand, coaching focuses on short term goals and improving specific sets of skills.

Depending on the goals and requirements of the mentee, a mentoring relationship can last for several months to a few years.