Dear Being,
What are we searching in our Life?
To put it in another way, What do we really want in our Life?
It seems difficult to answer this Puzzling Question?
Really it is very very Simple!!
Pause for a Moment!!
Stop thinking about the What, Why, When and Where?
Start thinking only about what we really want, experience and attain!
Instead of going into the What & Why, Let’s us focus on the End Result!
This result -oriented approach will definitely provide us with Positive Solutions for all our Problems and Challenges in daily Life.
Yes! Really it works Wonders!!
It is a transparent truth that each and every person in this world is really seeking for Freedom from Stress, Positive Health, Wellbeing, Serenity, Peace, Love, Harmony & Happiness.
To put it a nutshell “A State of Total Wellbeing”
I do believe that you will agree with me.
This result oriented approach to Total Well being, Self knowledge & Self growth is the fundamental concept of this Innovative Beginning, one of its kind in this Virtual World.

Where are we now?
We are entering to a World of Change. In this Millennium, we are experiencing and leading a totally changed and transformed life. We are living in a world, where science and technology and other profound knowledge in all areas of life are taking place at a tremendous velocity, where change is the only Reality.
The attitude, aptitude, approaches and the life style systems of all Human beings irrespective of age, sex, socio-economic status, custom, religion, locality and country have really taken a paradigm shift.

Really speaking, there in a Generation Gap
From a different perspective, Let us look at the other side of the coin
Even though we are excited and exhilarated by enjoying the benefits and other positive outcomes, our relationship in personal life, family, in the society, in the country and the whole world has changed, collapsed, shattered and is fading away. Values, protocol, love, sympathy, empathy, emotional attachment, relationship, responsibilities, obligations and the like refined qualities are vanishing day by day.

To put it in another way
Negativity in taking an upper hand in our day to day life. We are amidst colossal confusion, conflicts, contradictions, terror, violence and uncertainty in this otherwise beautiful World.

What are the reasons?
To find out an answer to this challenging situation in really tiresome and generally unrewarding, because each and every person, society, culture, religion, state, country will have their own perspective, opinions, suggestions, methods, ways and the like.
And what is the end result?
We are no where !
We return to where we started!
And this phenomena, cycle continues!
What is the Solution?
If we rally observe our life, we can really realize that, for every problem, situation or challenge in life there in an appropriate and right solution – if we are thinking and acting in the right and straight path.
The role of Religion and Spirituality
From time immemorial, irrespective of beliefs, customs, practices, teachings and methods of various Religions in the World, the quintessence of all spirituality emphasizes the relevance of right, straight and positive thinking in the realization of our Reality and guides and offers us the means and ways for Perfection.
Are we Religious or Spiritual?
If we are very sincere, transparent and truthful, we can really observe that most of us are really Religious, rather than Spiritual. The present scenario all over the world in that religious activities are booming up, where as spirituality in coming done, resulting in all problems and confusions as mentioned earlier.
To put in a simple language, we are experiencing a reversed effect in life.
What is the crux of the problem?
The clear cut, evidence based answer to this serious question in very simple- the lack of understanding of the what, why, when, where and how of our thoughts and thinking - that is our own Mind.
The lacuna in Classical Spiritual Teaching
All the spiritual Teachings are aiming with absolute positive intention for Human evolution and perfection.
But there in a very small, but very important drawback – the lack of the technical know –how of the subtle functions and working and the technique of changing the Human Mind.
This in the area where all Scientists, Philosophers, Thinkers and Psychologists of the whole world are getting linked and interested.
Now a new wave of thinking has emerged all over the world, and it has really ignited the passion and enthusiasm of majority of persons in this new millennium.
Science and spirituality should go hand in hand
Previously science and spirituality were traveling in opposite directions. Now it is converging to a single point, where Scientists, Spiritual thinkers and Philosophers are sharing their views and ideas and are going hand in hand, resulting the new experience of Human Perfection and Excellence in all areas of our life.
This new approach has really taken a great momentum and in the near future, there will be real Solution to all the psychological problems in life.
All over this world this new concept in coming up in a big way, and we are going to experience a paradigm shift in our life in the coming days.
To sump, to put in a nutshell, Applied or Scientific or Practical Spirituality is the necessity of the time

Our Mission [A State of Total Wellbeing]

Our Mission is to actualize the Vision of how to lead a Healthy, Stress-free, Balanced, Serene, Happy &Harmonious Life
There should be a Radical Positive Change in our Mind -setup, with flowering of our Consciousness, in the whole Spectrum of our Life.We all know that our life is an ever-changing experience. All the religious teachings, philosophies, science and technologies and the whole humanity is really aiming for a novel change in our life and the whole world, to be in “Wellbeing”
This is the area where all of us should start thinking.
We are making an earnest attempt to provide the Know-how of Total Well being, Self- knowledge ,Self- growth & other Positive Life Themes ,by presenting all the available resources in the form of Tips and Tools , Articles, Blogs, Videos, Audios, Images, Links Presentations, Online chats and Consultations , Guidance, Support and so on and so forth.
What we are presenting is Nothing New!
It is really a blend of Age old Vision and Wisdom with New-age Scientific knowledge, enabling us to Express, Experience and Enjoy Total Well being in our Life.We are giving special emphasis to the Younger generation at large
Let this be the Beginning of a Beginning!!
We are sincerely soliciting the esteemed association, co-operation, contacts, help, interest, interactions, suggestions, support and all other positive attitudes, aptitudes, approaches and goodwill of all like-minded persons and organizations all over the world for the proper projection, promotion, propagation and persuasion of this Noble Vision and Mission, leading to the Flow Experience of Excellence, Harmony, Authentic Happiness and Total Well being, over the Globe, over the years to come.
With these words of introduction let me submit & surrender this Website, the official platform of Center for Human Perfection, to the entire Humanity
With regards,
Dr.Purushothaman, Director,
Center For Human Perfection