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1) I am having Memory Problems
2) I am unable to take Proper Decisions at Home & Office
3) I am always Anxious, Tense, Hurried & Worried
4) I am always Worrying about my Health, Family & Future
5) I am not caring Myself, my Appearance & my Comforts
6) I am having Vague Aches & Pains in Body & Joints
7) I am having Indigestion, Heart burn, Nausea, Vomiting & Irritable Bowels
8) I am having Feelings of Tiredness & General Weakness
9) I am having recurrent Attacks of Cold, Flu, Cough & Fever
10) I am having generalized Itching, Skin rashes, Allergies & Asthma
11) Now a days, I am Experiencing some Sex Problems
12) Now a days, I can’t Sleep properly, Wake up at odd times, seeing Dreams
13) Now a days, I Smoke frequently, Drink more & use some Drugs at times
14) Now a days, I spend more time in Club Activities, Gambling & the like
15) Now a days, I am over Sensitive in Simple, Silly & Unnecessary matters

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