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Frequent Questions & Answers


Living in Wellbeing replies WhatsApp bookings or queries within 1 or 2 business days.

Living in Wellbeing will help you deal with a range of mental health issues like anxiety, stress, grief, depression, trauma, etc.

Yes, all the bookings and conversations on WhatsApp with the counsellor are kept confidential at Living in Wellbeing.

You can book for mental healthcare counsellor any number of times depending on your mental health condition and the counsellor recommendation.

In case you miss the counselling session you may reschedule it as per your suitability.

Yes, researches show that counselling is very helpful in treating various health problems.

Yes, counselling can be conducted in a language other than English if the counsellor is proficient in that language.

If you have the consent of the person for whom you are booking a counselling session, you may book a counselling session for someone else.

In the first counselling session at Living at Wellbeing, your counsellor will listen to your concerns and develop a treatment plan and set goals accordingly.

Living in Wellbeing will provide you with the details on how to make payment before your session.