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What are we really seeking in Life?
Ill being or Well being?
No Doubt ! Well being !!
Let's understand that Well being
is an Ideal, Balanced state in Our Life,
where one is leading a Stress-free,
Serene Life in Positive Health, Harmony,
Happiness,Love & Peace.
Experiencing Wellbeing is Really a Journey in Life !
Let All of Us join in this Life Journey!!
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Frequent Questions & Answers

Those individuals who join wellness programs find a drastic change in their life. They learn to make healthier lifestyle choices, become more productive, be happier and have lower spending on their healthcare cost.

Wellness has a big impact on your life as it improves your lifestyle, relieves depression, keeps you in a happy mood, prevents weight gain, etc.

Wellness goals help in improving the overall health and well-being of a person. It helps is fostering a positive relationship with family, friends or people at work. It gives you a sense that you are in control of your life and making the best use of it.


Some ways to improve quality of life are being grateful, smiling, learning something every day, taking good rest, being organized, staying active, eating healthy food, etc.

Some ways through which mental health can be improved are by staying active, making a social connection, eating healthy food, taking enough rest, talking to people, indulging in relaxation practice, etc.

You can start your wellness journey by setting goals, planning your meals, drinking more water, reducing sugar/salt in your diet, cutting down on alcohol, exercising every day and getting good sleep.

Mental health can be improved by following some self-care techniques and treatments. A healthy and good lifestyle can also help in improving overall mental health.

Some of the common signs of a mentally ill person are significant tiredness, low energy, lack of sleep, detachment from reality, inability to deal with daily life problems, difficulty in understanding people or situations, etc.

As per studies, 50% of mental illness begins by the age of 14 and 3/4th begin by the age of 24.

The following factors can be leading causes of poor mental health; childhood abuse, loneliness, trauma, neglect, social isolation, etc.


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