Holotropic Healing is a new revolutionary approach in human healing, focusing on our mind, body and soul. It is a new age tool, Incorporating the age-old vision and wisdom of all spiritual knowledge from the beginning of time. The approach in this system is entirely different from the conventional modern medical approach, where we are focusing on the symptoms rather than the total cure.
The holotropic healing method can eradicate several acute & chronic mental and emotional illness, various Psychosomatic disorders, Anxiety, Depression and a host of negative mental blocks, post-traumatic mental disorders and various deep-rooted past memories and many psychiatric disorders.
By this intense healing method, previous deep-rooted negative memories can be healed layer by layer and finally, total transformation for the mind and body occurs
We are providing personal and collective healing modalities for selected cases in special settings.
Dr Purushothaman, A Surgeon by profession, but a Healer by passion is currently doing this type of healing to the needy persons.

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