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1)Are you fearing when facing spiders, snakes, lizards, any specific objects, situations, other animals, heights, flying etc.?
2) Are you troubled by fear when hearing about the above situations
3)Do you experience shortness of breath, sweating palms, palpitation, blurred vision, sudden giddiness, etc. when seeing a particular situation/object for no apparent reason?
4)Do you refuse to attend a friend’s party because it is on the 20th floor & you have to use the lift?
5)Do you feel queasy while climbing a tall ladder or escalator
6)Do you experience changes in your sleeping or eating habits?
7) Are you afraid of seeing a dog?
8)Are you afraid to travel alone or sleep alone in the dark?
9)Does your fear affect your family life?
10)Are there any specific fears affecting your daily life?
11)Do you avoid promotions because they involve air travel?
12)Do you feel disinterested in life
13)Are you so frightened of public speaking that you have given up promotions& better jobs?
14)Do you refuse invitations because you are afraid of meeting new persons
15)Do you think that these fears interfered with your work& daily life?
16)Do you feel so anxious that your face turns red, your heart races and your voice crack because you feel people are staring at you?
17) Do you feel that your actions embarrass you or will humiliate yourself in front of others?
18)Are you feeling sad, depressed, worried or guilty?
19)Did you use alcohol, substances or drugs recently, which created problems at work/school or with family & loved ones?
20)Do you try a lot to avoid these fearful situations?

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