Why We Are Agitated?

Dr. Purushothaman
May 30, 2021

Agitation is usually associated with aggravation, annoyance and restlessness. It is normal to feel agitated from time to time given a hectic work schedule or a competitive educational environment. However, it could also be a serious sign of an underlying medical or psychiatric condition and must require your immediate attention. In order to cure this feeling of constantly being agitated, one must know what are its root causes.

Why are we agitated?

Agitation is an emotion experienced by most of the people at least once in their lives. In most of the cases, the common causes of agitation include:

  • Work stress
  • School stress
  • Depression
  • Feeling ill
  • Burnout
  • Peer pressure
  • Concussion
  • post-recovering from an ailment
  • Grief
  • Alcohol dependency, or withdrawal
  • Neurological disorders                    

What happens when you are agitated?

When you are agitated, you may have strong and uncomfortable feelings that seem inescapable. This condition can lead to contradictory feelings of intense restlessness and depression. There may also be feeling associated with acute sadness or emptiness. Studies also show that people with agitation issues may more likely be in danger of self-injury and suicide attempts.

How can you fight agitation?

  • Relieve stress: Indulge in a variety of relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises, yoga and other similar meditative practices. These can help restore your sense of calm.
  • Balance the hormones: Eliminate all the probable causes of hormonal imbalance. It results in mood swings and can make you feel extremely irritated.  Even small hormonal imbalances can cause many side effects in the body
  • Meet a professional: An underlying physical or mental health condition may be negatively affecting your mood. In such cases, only a medical expert or a qualified therapist can help you identify the cause of your agitation and if required also prescribe treatment.

Sometimes, life's struggles can be dealt with by taking better care of yourself. That is achievable by talking about concerning issues with a supportive friend or a family member. The most effective method is to consider obtaining the help of a qualified licensed psychologist.

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