After Covid-19, What Next? A New Beginning!

Dr. Purushothaman
November 17, 2021

“Let us realize that life is a series of challenging experiences and let us awaken to face all the problems with courage and confidence for a better life” 

                                                            Dr Purushothaman Kollam (Goodreads)

  • What happened to our life during the past 2 years?
  • Did anybody think about such drastic changes like miseries, sufferings, setbacks, broken relationships & the like heart-breaking experiences in our life?
  • Did we have such a time like this where all our dreams & goals shattered?
  • Did we ever think that our life story will end up like this?
  • Did we ever think about the values & virtues and the responsibilities in our personal, family, professional, & social life?
  • Did our younger generation, who were living in an affluent situation think about such a state in their life journey?
  • Did we ever think about the difference between a virtual & a real world?
  • Did you ever think about the importance of mental maturity, a balanced state of mind, spiritual thinking, humble & simple life and the like life themes?
  • We should answer many more such questions…….?

How  COVID-19  Pandemic Affected Our Life?

In this millennium, the entire humanity, irrespective of age, sex, creed, custom, religion, socioeconomic status and country, is experiencing the most miserable, disastrous and challenging threat – the attack by the Corona Virus Disease – Covid 19 which emerged by the end of 2019 in China. Everybody was in a nightmare and under the grip of fear which had taken pandemic proportions, resulting in physical, mental, socioeconomic, and other related problems, leading our lives to a sudden standstill and now we were stumbling in darkness. Daily the death rate was increasing…The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a significant impact on people's daily lives.

COVID-19 not only affects people's physical health but also their mental wellbeing. During infectious illness outbreaks, public psychology is typically quite weak. In a society where people lack psychological endurance, incorrect or excessive distribution of panic-inducing material like television, radio, newspaper, magazine, Internet, and other media outlets can have a negative influence on the public. People tend to prefer negative, threatening, or informal information during such circumstances while disregarding or disbelieving positive and formal information.

To add oil to the fire, the sudden fear occurring at the personal, social, national and global level is creating a lot of mental health problems presenting as anxiety, tension, phobia, aggression, depression, social withdrawal, OCD and the like. In many persons, it will trigger and exaggerate the existing mild to moderate emotional problems. “The Corona Anxiety is more damaging than the Covid 19 itself. We are amid a colossal uncertainty created by this Corona Attack”. In a nutshell, the Covid pandemic has made a lot of suffering & bad experiences for all persons all over the world

Let us try to answer the following questions from a different perspective!

  • What, why, how had happened for the last 2 years?
  • What happened to the personal, family, professional social & life?
  • What are our plans & dreams?
  • How each & everybody experienced, faced & managed our life?
  • What our planners & policymakers should do at the national & international levels?
  • What should we do to care for, protect & maintain our mother Earth & Ecosystem?
  • Is this pandemic a punishment by the nature to humanity?
  • Is there a Metaphysical reason for this?
  • Is this Pandemic a man-made Phenomenon?
  • Will we regain the previous status?
  • Are we going to experience a new world reality?
  • Is Covid-19 the greatest motivator of this century?

The present challenge is how we can get freedom from these terrible situations & continue to lead a normal & successful life in future

Despite the information & thoughts mentioned above, let us think in a different perspective for a renewed life journey with a great destination & difference. Let us get motivated to achieve our goals and dreams in an entirely different way than what we were thinking & doing before

“Let this be the beginning of a new beginning in the days to come”

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