Why we are alarmed?

Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2021

The world around us is changing in all respects. The way people feel, behave and respond to the things that surround them has never been stable or fixed. But now the behavior and lifestyle of people have changed so much that it is almost shocking. The hurry and the hustle in which people live today is surprising. Lives have become so fast and quick that everything happened at a multiplied speed as compared to a decade ago. It is alarming to see how the lifestyle and living of people have evolved.

Everyone has a dream and ambition in life. People want to be successful in their respective fields, and make a career in their field of choice as soon as possible. There is a rush to achieve your targets as soon as you can. From a very young age, people set up an aim in their minds, and they focus all of their attention towards the attainment of that goal. It is alarming as well as inspiring how goal-oriented people have become today.

And to aid people in their past lives, technology has developed tremendously. You can cover miles of distance within hours, connect to anyone in the world and engage in business on a global level with the kind of advancements made in today’s world. With such development, diseases which were responsible for thousands of death decades ago are now being cured. All this is leading to improved and enhanced quality of life for people. Better health facilities have also increased birth rates and brought down death rates. It is surprising how much the world has progressed in a few decades.

But as the rule of nature applies, everything good comes with its disadvantages. The improvement in health facilities has certainly elevated birth rates and dropped down death rates, but this has increased the population of the world as well. And the increased population puts great pressure on resources. It also leads to global warming and climatic issues.

It is, in simple words, alarming how progress can have such positive as well as negative effects at the same time. These are areas of concern which need to be addressed, and if you feel the need to discuss these, contact Living In Wellbeing. We will be happy to have a conversation with you.

Article Source: https://www.quora.com/What-are-you-afraid-of-and-why/answer/Dr-Purushothaman-Kollam-2

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