How to Approach Covid-19 in A Novel Way?

Dr. Purushothaman
April 5, 2020


In this millennium the entire humanity, irrespective of age, sex, creed, custom, religion, socioeconomic status and country, are experiencing the most miserable, disastrous and challenging threat – the attack by the Coronavirus Disease – Covid-19 which emerged by the end of 2019 in China. Really everybody is in a nightmare and under the grip of fear which had taken pandemic proportions, resulting in physical, mental, socioeconomic and other related problems, leading our lives to a sudden standstill and now we are stumbling in darkness. Daily the death rate is increasing…….

If we look retrospectively, we had experienced major epidemic and pandemic problems like the Plague, Smallpox, SARS, ZIKA, NIPAH and many others – but not up to this intensity and danger. This is the worst calamity in the history of mankind. The World Health Organization (WHO) and other Governmental and Non- Governmental bodies with the support of all managed such situations very effectively. But the unexpected attack by this mysterious and virulent viral disease is a challenging question to the whole world at large. Even though the whole health delivery systems all over the world under the direction of WHO is executing all the most modern steps and utilizing all the available resources for the prevention and treatment of this ubiquitous disease and related problems, a great uncertainty is spreading all over the world. Since this is a new entity in the infectious disease category, more studies and research are needed to find out the remedies for the prevention and treatment and it may take more time. Our past experience in managing similar epidemics will definitely be a motivating factor to face the current situation.

An Overview of the Present Pandemic

We have to address this situation in three major perspectives – Mental, Physical and General. It is a well-known fact that any challenge that interrupts the normal functioning of our life, either disease, disaster or anything of that sort is a source of pain and suffering to our mind and body and affects our whole life in varying degrees. Now the whole world population is under the grip of this killer disease. By and large, the associated morbidity and a certain percentage of mortality are frightening due to the magical and aggressive community spreading and clinical presentation. Even though it attacks all age groups, the most vulnerable category is below 10 and above 55/60 years, especially with other associated medical problems.

The Covid-19 disease with its associated complications has got great impact in our life on a short-term and long-term basis. Sudden breakdown of our daily routines and comforts is really unbearable and pathetic. In the long-term, it has got far-reaching threat in the life of everybody in every country in varying proportions. The sudden stress and strain that follow this pandemic reflects in the whole spectrum of our life – problems in Health Care, inadequate supply of food and essential commodities, problems in various educational services, problems of dislocation, re-location, family and social problems, work and workplace problems, social problems, economic and financial problems and the list is very long………..

To add oil to the fire, the sudden fear occurring in the personal, social, national and global level is creating a lot of mental health problems presenting as anxiety, tension, phobia, aggression, depression, social withdrawal, OCD and the like. In many persons it will trigger and exaggerate the existing mild to moderate emotional problems. “The Coronavirus Anxiety is more damaging than the Covid-19 itself. Really, we are amid a colossal uncertainty created by this Coronavirus Attack”

A Novel Approach to this Pandemic

Let us understand the basic dictum in life that for every problem, there is a solution/ for every question, there is an answer/ for every challenge, there is a way. We should apply this principle here and now also focusing on the end result – freedom from Covid-19 and the problems that follow. The real necessity of the time is Determination, Discipline and Dedication (3Ds) and the know-how of how to manage this disaster effectively and quickly. Of course, with our recent advances in medical sciences, other technological and affiliate support, we are trying our best to manage this puzzling problem. All the world leaders, rulers, scientists and experts are on the alert to face this life- and -death Struggle. The Covid-19 attack and its varied complications and related problems are to be managed vigorously by implementing the protocols and timely advice by WHO, various Governmental bodies and other health care services prevailing in the locality, state and country with utmost care and vigilance. Each and every person should rise to the occasion and our collective effort in highly mandatory.

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” —Marie Curie

7 Steps to tide over the Present Covid-19 Pandemic.

1. Understanding the true nature of the disease

The special virulent nature of this new virus with special affinity to the respiratory system and its associated complications like Pneumonia and respiratory failure is a threatening factor which makes the disease different from other epidemics. The rapid community spread and the special affinity to younger and older age groups with pre-existing diseases make the situation more dangerous. Like any other viral disease even though there is no specific treatment, usual symptomatic and supportive measures to prevent the complications result in an uneventful recovery in the majority of the cases. Don’t think that this disease in 100% incurable. Really the mortality rate is only a very small percentage. Understanding these basic facts with careful prevention and management, both personal and medical will result in full recovery in the majority of the population.

“Apt awareness and appropriate action is the cornerstone of Covid-19 management”

2. Freedom from unnecessary Fear and Panic

As already stated, the unnecessary fear is a great threat in managing this epidemic. The following simple steps will help us to reduce the fear and panic linked to this pandemic.

  • Always get informed only from reliable sources like WHO, Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and other official bodies.
  • Read / Listen only authorized newspapers/News channels
  • Never depend on social media information
  • Ignore invalid personal information, wrong concepts, beliefs, gossiping and chats.
  • Reduce the time spending for repeated information of the same fact.
  • Think about how to manage the problem in the most positive way.
  • Understand that fear will never help us – it is the worst enemy. Always repeat mentally –

“I have no fear about Coronavirus and I will fight against Covid-19 with courage and confidence”

3. Developing self-confidence and courage

In a miserable and life-threatening situation like Covid-19, the most important thing that we should have is self-confidence and courage to face any uncertainty. The moment we lose our self-confidence everything is collapsed. We should have a strong state of mind and ardent belief that we will succeed in our efforts to face this situation and we are well protected by the Supreme Being.

4. Practicing various Self-Care methods

Self-care focuses on positive health and wellbeing, taking care of our mind and body in all aspects. In a special situation like this, we should give more importance to a regular daily routine like sufficient physical exercises, good food habits, especially nutritious and vegetarian food with sufficient fruits to boost our immune system, adequate sleep (8 Hours) regular relaxation methods, practicing various meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices, spending more time with nature, connecting to close friends and relatives, reading good and motivational books, watching self-help videos, doing things that you like, helping others and such many things. We should know that practicing self-care in highly essential.

5. Preventing community spread effectively

In this present panic situation, when uncertainty prevails to a great extent, our responsibility is to take all necessary steps to prevent the spread of the disease to others. If there is any index of suspicion of the disease or even without any specific symptoms, we should follow the following steps.

  • Whenever and wherever warranted, we should submit ourselves to Quarantine.
  • Maintain personal hygiene/household hygiene by washing with soap and water or hand sanitizers
  • Keep personal distance /protect by mask, gloves, goggles etc.
  • Keep social distancing /avoid unnecessary meetings/gatherings/crowds
  • Stay at home as far as possible. Try to manage many things from home.
  • Managing minor ailments at home/telephonic consultations etc. Seek hospitalization only in emergency situations.
  • Strictly follow the guidelines and advice by local Govt. Health authorities/legal bodies. Get updated by the recent developments and information from these sources.

6. Seeking health support immediately

The most important thing is to seek early health support available in the locality. Any symptoms like cold, sore throat, cough, fever, body ache and the like should be taken care of and we should be alert. For mild symptoms close observation and remedial measures should be taken. When any symptoms are increasing or prolonging, immediate support from authorized health providers is highly recommended and should follow their instructions. At the same time those who are under treatment for other diseases should take care of the same in the proper way. Never follow unauthorized sources, social media information and other unethical measures. Even in mild symptoms, keeping interpersonal distance, personal and domestic hygiene and protection is very essential.

“Never Delay in seeking adequate Health Support”

7. Beginning of a New Beginning

If we look at the present Covid-19 problem from a different perspective in the philosophical, metaphysical and universal approach - we can learn a lot of lessons which will awaken our thinking for a future plan of action, resulting in a radical positive change in the whole world - A New World Order.

Currently we see the situation in the most objective way, putting all our effort to control and manage the most miserable pandemic ever witnessed in the history of mankind. We human beings like any other living entity are part and parcel of this magnanimous, mysterious and miraculous nature, which is taking care of us from the beginning of time. We have reached at the peak level of all scientific and technological achievements by the mercy of Mother Nature. If we observe, we can understand that the whole humanity has totally changed in the attitude, approach, behavior and lifestyle, resulting in a host of mental, physical, socioeconomic, cultural and ecological problems leading to colossal confusion, intolerance, terror, violence, war and the like. Really negativity has taken an upper hand in this otherwise beautiful world. The nature has lost its balance and is trying to keep it in equilibrium by various methods like extreme climatic changes, frequent disasters, natural calamities and currently the pandemic Covid-19 and the same will be repeated in future ,if we are not careful…….

It is high time that each and everybody from bottom to top especially world leaders, rulers, planners, thinkers, philosophers, scientists(In all faculties), spiritual leaders, social activists ,environmentalists and the like should have a re-thinking emphasizing the existence and protection of Mother Earth, so that Nature will take care of everybody in the future. We have got all the needful resources in nature – but we should know the know-how of how to utilize it in the most effective way. We should take this Covid-19 epidemic as a stepping stone in the history of mankind.

Hope, the UNO & WHO will take urgent action in this regard…………

“Let this be the Beginning of a New Beginning in the days to come”

NB:The Author will be contributing more articles on” The World after COVID-19”

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