What Do You Suggest To Overcome Negative Self-Talk

Dr. Purushothaman
June 30, 2024

We all have our inner voice and inner critic. That voice most of the time determines where are we heading in our lives. However, this voice can harm you in many ways with excessive negative thoughts or talks in your head. This is also known as negative self-talk. Therefore, it is important to reduce negative self-talk in your daily life. In this article, we suggest you some of the ways through which you can reduce the negative talk.

  • When you are suffering from negative self-talk, always remember that these are just thoughts and not reality. Your thoughts are subject to biases and based on your mood, so such thoughts or feelings should not be taken seriously.
  • One of the best ways to restrict negative self-talk is by restricting it. When you find yourself engaging in negative self-talk try to limit it for some time. This will help you in reducing the time you spend thinking negatively in your routine life.
  • You can stop negative self-talk by trying to change it into positive or neutral thinking. Whenever you get negative thoughts about yourself, think about it as a challenge and fight it out. Your negative thoughts get muted when you take them as a challenge and it does not affect your routine life anymore.
  • When you are having negative thoughts about yourself, think like a friend. What would you have done if your friend had the same thoughts? Treat yourself the same way you would have done with your friend. Think about the things you would have said to make him comfortable or divert his mind. This would help you in shifting your mind from the negative self-talk.
  • When you are going through negative self-talk, talking to others about it might help. You can tell your friends about what you are thinking and have a laugh about it. Also when you speak with others about the unrealistic and unreasonable things you were thinking, it reminds you about things that you should not be doing. Following this approach will help you in taking a break from negative self-talk.
  • One of the best ways to overcome negative self-talk is to replace it with something positive. This will encourage you to replace your unhealthy habits. This attitude will help you in developing a positive attitude towards yourself and your life.
  • When you stop expecting perfection every time you do things, it will help you in dealing with negative self-talk in a better way. You must never expect perfection and accept that failures are a part of life. With this attitude, you will learn from your mistakes and do things better on your next try. This will help you in overcoming negative thoughts that haunt you all the time.
  • To get past negative thoughts and work through them, you must build a routine. When you have a fixed routine, you know how to start and end your day. You will hardly get time for negative thoughts. And even when you suffer from self-doubt or question your abilities, your busy routine suppresses the feeling by keeping you busy.

The above mentioned are some of the ways to overcome negative self-talk. By overcoming negative self-talk you would be able to able to handle your stress well and lead a healthy life. If at any point in life, you feel that you lack the art of overcoming negative self-talk, you may get in touch with Living In Wellbeing’s expert counsellors. They will help you in learning the art and skills required to take control of such situations.

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