How Do You Understand Regret, Guilt & Other Emotions  

Dr. Purushothaman
June 23, 2024

Shame, guilt and regret are emotions that every one of us have experienced in our lives. They are considered negative emotions and can make people feel bad about themselves. However, these emotions are important for the overall growth of a human. Every emotion some way or the other serve you in a good way. Take for example anger, how you would set boundaries for yourself when there is no anger.

The emotions of regret, shame or guilt can prove to be fatal if not suppressed timely. These emotions have been perceived as toxic for humans.  These emotions can take anyone into depression and cause further health problems. Therefore, if you are not able to over the feeling of regret, shame or guilt, it can cause you an unbearable degree of mental stress.

The feeling of guilt, regret or shame also has many positive impacts on you. It makes you kinder and generous. You do not indulge in shaming others and understand other people’s tough situations. You do not possess unnecessary arrogance and are always willing to help others. Since you have been through tough times, you try your best that your loved ones do not go through it. It is because of these emotions that humans value happiness more. Imagine if you are not going through tough phases would you value your happiness? All our body needs is the balance of these emotions. When these emotions take over your brain and soul, they become toxic. Everything in life is good when you are not consuming it too much.

Are Guilt and Shame Different?

Guilt and shame are two different emotions linked to real or perceived moral failure. The outcome of each emotion is different. The feeling of guilt can occur without anyone knowing about it. Guilt is a feeling that arises when your behaviour conflicts with your conscience. It generally comprises the fact that you need to treat the other person better and you may even try to resolve the issue. While on the other hand, the feeling of shame arises when someone else discovers your misdeeds. Shame can lead to many severe consequences in comparison to guilt.

Regret, shame and guilt are part of everyone’s life. You must be feeling let down and begin to curse yourself when you are going through it. You must understand that no one in this world is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and you must learn from them. This attitude will keep you away from negative thoughts and mental stress. If at any point in life, you want to learn about the art of overcoming the emotions of shame, regret or guilt, you may get in touch with Living In Wellbeing’s expert counsellors.

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