How To Self-Protect From Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) Pandemic

Dr. Purushothaman
April 19, 2020

Our World is passing through a tough time, when each and everybody is under the threat of the Covid – 19 attack, which is spreading in the community in a big way, causing a lot of suffering both mental, physical and socio -economical. The disease is caused by a new Corona Virus, which has got special affinity to the respiratory system of human beings and also causes highly fatal complications in young children and older persons above 55 years. Just like any other viral disease, there is no specific treatment for this except the timely prevention and other symptomatic measures.

The special nature of the spreading of the disease is very dangerous in a pandemic like what we are experiencing now. The disease mainly spread by droplet infection that is via the respiratory fluids in cough, sneezing, close contact and the like. Most of the time those who are having the disease many not show much symptoms – called the asymptomatic carriers, who are otherwise healthy. This nature of the disease makes it more dangerous in a community. In this situation precaution & prevention is better than cure. When somebody is affected by the disease, the close family members and others who come in contact with that person are also at risk. Therefore, the question of how we can be protected from the risk of Corona Virus attack is very important.

The following simple guidelines will definitely help each and everybody to get freedom from this Covid attack to a great extent.

1. The first and the foremost thing is freedom from unnecessary fear associated with this pandemic disease. You should have sufficient courage and confidence and should have a feeling that you can face any situation associated with this disease.

2. The next important thing is that each and everybody should take care of our health and wellness by doing regular exercises, by taking healthy and nutritious food, having sufficient rest and relaxation and should adopt various methods like regular prayers, meditation, yoga etc. We should avoid various situations which produces unnecessary stress – when we are already stressed by this dangerous disease.

3. Each and everybody should be very careful and observe ourselves and other family members for any minor or major symptoms like cold, cough, fever, body ache and the like other symptoms. If any of such symptoms arise, adequate health support & advice should be sought. Never ignore even any minor symptoms.

4. Maintaining strict personal hygiene is very important. Always try to be clean & neat .Be particular to maintain a healthy routine. In this particular period, avoid close contacts with others, especially with those who are under observation and also who are already affected. Periodically wash the hands with soap and water & other hand sanitizers as specified by the Health Authorities and Public health persons. Be careful to use protective masks, gloves and the like when dealing with suspected persons. Keep the 1 to 2 meter distance policy when talking to other persons to avoid direct spread.

5. Maintaining social distance is a key point to prevent community spread, thus protecting each and everybody from this disease. As far as possible, avoid unwanted gatherings, meetings, travel and the like as per the guidelines suggested by health authorities and legal bodies. We should take a “Stay at Home Policy” very strongly.

6. Many of the minor problems and necessities, whether medical or otherwise should be managed at home itself. Now our new Digital World is very much helpful in this regard.

Each everybody should be well informed about the recent developments about this problem. Be careful not to depend on social media information and other un-authorized sources – always listen the authentic sources only-World Health Organization (WHO), Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the like. Always obey and follow the advice and guidelines of Government Health Authorities, pertaining to the specific locality, state and country.

Finally the most important thing is to have self-courage and confidence and firm determination that each one of us will take care of ourselves very effectively, so that we can take care of our family, society, country and country. and the whole world by managing this Covid-19 pandemic in better way.
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