How to be Free from COVID-19 Stress and Strain

Dr. Purushothaman
May 3, 2020

The Covid-19 Pandemic has created a lot of unforgettable and unforeseen physical, mental, and other socioeconomic problems for the whole of humanity for the last few months. We all know that the disease is caused by the new Corona Virus which emerged in China by the end of 2019. From the very beginning of the disease, we are experiencing a lot of confusion. Recently the COVID- 19 attacks have created Pandemic Stress in everybody, in every country. The health-related problems like the morbidity, mortality, and the resulting stress and strain are beyond our imagination. We are already living in a world where various stress-related situations are following us like a shadow. Then this sudden COVID attack has bombarded all the existing problems. The unnecessary fear and phobia, associated with this Pandemic are alarming. COVID-19 Stress is more dangerous than the disease itself. We have to understand the following facts to get rid of this unnecessary stress from COVID-19. Let us know that COVID-19 is just like any other viral disease, with a special affinity to the extreme age groups, below 10 and above 60. The cause of death is due to other associated diseases. In normal persons, the disease will not cause any death. So please understand that it is just like any other viral disease with a routine course.

We should get informed only from authorized medical sources like WHO, CDC, and other professional bodies. We should avoid unnecessary and wrong information from social media and the like. “Instead of unnecessary fear, alertness about the disease is needed”. Everybody should have the courage and confidence to manage and prevent this global challenge most practically. The most important thing is to manage the pandemic stress that we are facing now.

We all know that stress and strain and the like problems are increasing day by day due to the causes already mentioned. In addition to that, the present situation has exaggerated the stress levels

Just like any other Stress, the COVID related Stress can also be managed very effectively by following the simple steps given below

1. Try to identify the source of the stress

Finding our the specific cause of the stress will help us to avoid the triggering factors. In this current situation, we should understand the fact that coronavirus attack is a great problem. We should take the necessary steps to prevent the infection from occurring to ourselves and others, by obeying the guidelines given by the health authorities and other legal bodies. We should keep individual and social distancing, personal hygiene, and the like methods.

2. Understand the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet

Healthy and a Nutritious diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, greens, sufficient vitamins and minerals, plenty of water intake and the like measures are needed to boost our Immunity and Physical Strength.

3. Have regular physical exercises

Programed and customized simple exercises for at least about 20 to 30 minutes is needed for maintaining a healthy body and mind which is highly essential for freedom from stress & related problems. Regular breathing exercises are also very good for elevating our vitality, mood, and stamina. Exercises make our mind and brain work with alertness and will remove all the negative stressors, enabling us for mindful living to deal with all the stressful situations in life.

4. Have a balanced state of life

Amid all our daily problems and challenges we should maintain a balanced way of thinking and living so that we can face any stress and related problems with courage and confidence. In a COVID-19 pandemic situation, fear and phobia are the major negative problems which we are facing. Understanding and Eradicating unnecessary fear and phobia is of paramount importance. Therefore always maintain an attitude of courage and confidence to withstand the present stress.

5. Manage our time very effectively

We should understand the importance of time management in daily life. If we can manage our time very effectively and judiciously, a lot of procrastination can be reduced and we will be stress-free always. In the current situation, we can reschedule our time and a lot of projects and programs can be done online very easily which will reduce our stress and strain to a major extend.

6. Change your way of thinking

When we understand the real facts we should change our attitude and approach and should have a new way of thinking. We should always be optimistic about life. By making a positive way of thinking, we can eradicate a majority of our stress within a short span of time.

7. Practicing various relaxation methods

For reducing our daily stress various relaxation methods like relaxation response, reading, writing, painting, singing, dancing, walking, gardening, swimming and the like can be performed. We can do anything that makes us cool and calm and relaxed. Reading motivational books will also relax your mind.

8. Always have a let go attitude

Understand that our life is just like a dream, a drama, a playful event, or just an illusion. Be an observer in life. Let nature take care of us. Always be in a witness stage. Do your duties. Don’t think about the rewards, Let anything happen in life- Have a let go attitude. This state of the mind will definitely reduce our stress to a great level.

9. Have enough sleep and rest

Sleep is an elixir to a healthy and stress-free life. If sleep is disturbed our stress levels will be increased. In order to avoid that at least 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep is highly essential, especially in a situation like our current pandemic COVID-19, Always avoid alcoholic drinks and other stimulants like coffee and tea at night. If there are any sleep disorders better to consult a doctor and get adequate support. During the day time, short spells of Nap is also good for recovering from the accumulated stress.

10. Practice prayer and meditation

Whatever may be the system or custom that you are believing and following, set aside a time, at least 15 minutes in the morning and evening for your daily Prayer and Meditation, which will declutter your mind and will purify it. The meditation session will give you greater insight and make your mind balanced and you will be able to cope with the present problem. It will boost your courage and confidence and general immunity and will make you relaxed, comfortable, serene, peaceful, and happy. The following simple Prayer/Affirmation will definitely help you to tide over the current situation.

“The Supreme Being/The Mother Nature is always protecting and caring me from the COVID-19 attack and I will become more healthy and successful in my life in the coming days”

This you can repeat mentally always. This is a Real Prayer, as well as a Meditation

All the above methods are very useful in reducing our stress level, especially in a situation like the COVID-19 Pandemic. If we practice all these methods, we will be able to manage all our present problems that we are facing today and will come out with success, courage, confidence and we will start a renewed life journey after this COVID-19 Pandemic

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