Is Moral Behavior a Requirement to Happiness?

  Introduction Morality has been a term of debate for several years by intellectuals who have not come to the final conclusion of its definition. According to Damon (5), morality is an existing, multifaceted construct that may not be pinned down by any single definitional criteria which is flexible. The moral character has long been […]

Low Morality Does Not Inspire People

  Occupiers Are Motivated, But Not By Inspiration Many of my clients want to be more inspirational as leaders, and like most of us, they have an eye on the interesting event that started as "Occupy Wall Street" and has now spread to include tiny protests that seek to "occupy everything" in America. Is this […]

Ethics and Morality: Right and Wrong

According to one author, we've seriously lost our way. He says we are like men adrift at sea without a compass. As a result, ethical and moral [] dilemmas plague us as we look ahead to the 21st century. Something has gone terribly wrong. Many of us know it, but what to do about it […]

Ethics and Morality: The Morality Pendelum

During the month of June 2007, a nationwide telephone poll of Americans between the ages of 17 and 29 was conducted by the New York Times, CBS News and MTV. The poll's unsurprising conclusion is that young Americans are "leaning left." Also in June, a special report released by two liberal groups ("Media Matters for […]

Ethics and Morality: Comparing Moral Values and Ethics

We are shaped to a large extent by our cultural setting, whose moral values [] imprint themselves on our minds in ways most of us are unaware of. Music, movies and television all carry value-laden messages that bombard us daily. Over time, these messages can subtly develop within us a new worldview. These cultural values […]

Character Education Teaching Kids to be Moral and Ethical

All Character Education activities need to be planned to build a comprehensive program in the school environment. Several ideas need to be infused to help bring the lessons to life, and ensure that all aspects of the school environment support such programs. Let's take a few ideas. Infusing Character education A very effective way of […]


It is widely acknowledged that the All India Services [] and other higher Central Services have collectively contributed positively to the stability and predictability to the system of governance in the country. These civil services have networked well within themselves and have strengthened the fabric of our country's unity and integrity. In the first few […]

The Importance of Workplace Morale

Running a workplace can be a complex and challenging business, with many different facets to keeping the team happy and productive. Of course, different employers will have their own ways of managing the workplace - some of which will have served them very well over the years - but there are certain general rules which […]

Attitude: The Greatest Moral Character

What is moral character? Do we need moral character to live a good and prosperous life? Moral character is a set of qualities that make somebody or something distinctive, especially somebody's qualities of mind and feeling. It's innate qualities that make somebody or something interesting, or attractive. When you are seeking to achieve, what you […]


It is widely acknowledged that the All India Services [] and other higher Central Services have collectively contributed positively to the stability and predictability to the system of governance in the country. These civil services have networked well within themselves and have strengthened the fabric of our country's unity and integrity. In the first few […]

What Is The Ultimate Truth Of Life?

From the beginning of time, people all over the world were in search of the real purpose, the origin, nature, the reality, the meaning of life. Various thinkers and philosophers and spiritual teachers, gurus and the like persons in all religions and culture were continuously thinking about it and making various theories and postulations. Truth […]

Why We Are Partial?

We all have at some point encountered partiality in a real situation. It could be in the workplace, or at school and college or even within our families. Favouritism can hurt and ruin relationships, confidence, and loyalty among many other things. Why partiality happens? We are social creatures and we all like to make connections. […]

Why we like drinking?

Everything that we do is driven by the sheer motive of avoiding pain and gaining pleasure. Alcohol is an addictive substance and it has kick to it. It causes euphoria, a relief that keeps us happy and calm at the same time. There can be many reasons as to why do people drink. But the […]

Why Are We Hostile?

Most of us encounter was confrontational and hostile at some point in our lives. We may catch ourselves expressing anger in a seemingly non-hostile way. This may often happen in both, our personal sphere or in the professional environment. We deliberately mask the way of expressing covert feelings and while we may think that is a way of life, […]

Why we are Disgusted?

Right from dirt to pickles and or chitterlings to cockroaches, the things that gross us out says a great deal about us. Essentially, when you feel irritable by something, your brain is trying to protect you from something dangerous. However, since human emotions are more complex in nature, understanding the cause of it is of […]

How Covid-19 Is Transforming Our Life

The physical impact of Covid-19 has endangered not only the lives of human beings but also adversely hit the economy. Above all, it has taught us some important and eternal aspects of life. It has forced to change the flow of life both in terms of direction and speed and to many of us, it […]

Psychological & Health Benefits of Spiritual Practices

From time immemorial religion, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, and related subjects are of great concern to all people all over the world. About 80% of research in relation to religion and spirituality includes the study of mental health also. Spirituality can perhaps help you connect with your divine self. In addition to endowing meaning to your […]

Cannabis and Mental Health for Youngsters

Cannabis has a long history of its reputation, oscillating between being a benefit or controversial herb. Even after owning both the aspects the recent trends are witnessing its rise in the mainstream market. The medical aspects have made it a regular ingredient in several households, while illicit usage is still making a few of them […]

Why Wellbeing is a Necessity in Daily Life?

Life is full of ups and downs. Your attitude and overall wellbeing determine how well you take up the challenges in your life. With a positive mental attitude, you can expect good things to happen. A positive approach in life will transform positive energy into reality. Wellbeing in living enables to overcome difficulties in life […]

What Kerala (Malayali) Should Learn ?

Dr. Purushothaman The people of Kerala had a great natural calamity, the Flood 2018, of this millennium, which had broken and shattered the heart and mind and the long cherished dreams of all keralites. In this situation we should be prepared to think and evaluate the What? Why? & How? of this miserable and unforgettable […]

Some Let Go Things for Happiness

It is a fact that to attain true happiness is our Goal. But many times Even though we try, there are various hindrances and obstacles. We have to bypass these problems very effectively and tactfully. So that we will achieve our goal. Here we are giving some points about which we should have a let […]

Do you know these interesting facts about Human Behaviour

Human behaviour is one of the most fantastic and interesting facts. Behaviour and character are the primary quality of everybody. Our behaviour is mainly modified by various factors - Both internal & external. Our mind setup, our thinking, our concepts, Belief and the like play a great role. Our endocrine system also influences our behaviour […]

Strategies to Improve Health in the Workplace

Employers are increasingly seeking ways of improving their employees’ health and wellbeing in the workplace. This is largely due to recent evidence that proves a healthy and happy workforce has higher productivity and a lasting positive effect on a company’s bottom line. Unfortunately, many workers continue to fall sick, resulting in absenteeism and reduced performance, […]

Some Simple Steps to enhance Your Total Wellbeing

Cut-short your TV watching time Stop uptake nutriment. Stop uptake pizza pie and cooked foods. Stop driving places that you simply may simply walk to. Scan a minimum of one book a month. Take categories in what interests you or your vocation. Work enough to support yourself, and if required get a brand new job […]

Rape! Is It A Recent Addiction In India?

I toss around in bed, trying to dodge the piercing sun. It feels like someone is pounding my head with a hammer. The stench of last night’s rum and vomit hit me. I feel like puking. Getting up, I go wash the vomit caked in my beard. My bloodshot eyes stare back at me. I […]