Why Wellbeing is a Necessity in Daily Life?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2019

Life is full of ups and downs. Your attitude and overall wellbeing determine how well you take up the challenges in your life. With a positive mental attitude, you can expect good things to happen. A positive approach in life will transform positive energy into reality. Wellbeing in living enables to overcome difficulties in life and achieve your goals. Also, it makes you stay fit, mentally as well as physically, and to meet the demands of your daily life.

Wellbeing Means

Wellbeing is a state where you feel healthy, happy, comfortable and content. You are said to be in a state of wellbeing when you can get up in the morning and you feel energetic to kick-start your day with new hopes and aspirations to reach the desired heights, along with dedication and a well-planned strategy to execute your to-do list. It can happen only when you are healthy, and you have positive ideas about your life. You can think only positive when you feel good about yourself.
Living in wellbeing means loving and appreciating yourself as you are and at the same time revamping on areas where you Lag.

Some feel that money can buy everything. Science has proved that money does give a psychological pleasure, but only to some extent. Money is important, but not at the cost of your wellbeing. Also, one should never compromise on moral values.
To ensure wellbeing in life, you should make you feel comfortable, wherever you stand. That will boost the confidence in you. Furthermore, your relationships with people have a great impact on your life. They play a vital role in maintaining your mental as well as emotional wellbeing.
Wellbeing is thus striking a proper balance of all the important aspects of your life thereby enriching your living.

Importance of Wellbeing in Living

Wellbeing means being truly euphoric and satisfied with your life. Your thoughts make your life. Good quality thoughts will enhance the quality of your life. Negative thoughts will always pull you back and will hinder your progress. If you are a pessimist, just replace your negative thoughts with the positive ones and you will change the world.

Living in wellbeing will have a positive effect on your health and will keep you free from diseases. It will keep you away from mental stress and tensions. Your relationships with people will improve which will, in turn, bring more joy to your life.

Wellbeing will improve the quality of your life. It will help you in accomplishing your goals.
Also, the wellbeing of your child depends on your wellbeing. Hence it is essential for you to take some time for yourself to work on this aspect.

How Do You Achieve It?

  • Have a Positive Attitude Towards Life
  • It is essential that you take things in a positive manner and look only at the positive side of whatever happens. It is alright even if things don't happen in the like manner as expected by you. It is important that you term ' failure' as a part of success rather than losing confidence in yourself. A positive attitude will help you to deal with the routine affairs of your life and will keep you away from the worries and negative thoughts.

  • Feel Good About Yourself
  • It is vital that you appreciate yourself even on small achievements. Celebrate Small joys too. At the same time, work towards ameliorating your imperfections. Always believe in yourself. If you have faith in yourself, you will be able to move the loftiest mountains, but doubts about self can create them.
    It is required to look at yourself in the mirror every day and appreciate your body. It will uplift your confidence.

  • Possess a Forgiving Attitude
  • Always forgive and forget. It includes forgiving your own self too and living a guilt-free life. You can always learn from your mistakes and see to it that you don’t repeat them. Forgiveness should come irrespective of the apology. Forget the bitterness in life and move on. Forgiving attitude will ensure mental peace.

  • Be Generous and Kind
  • Always be selfless, give more, take less, don’t expect in return and have a polite attitude towards people.

  • Exercise Regularly
  • Exercising daily is a must. Exercise benefits you physically as well as mentally. It makes you feel energetic. Also, it distracts you from unwanted thoughts. Exercising ensures good sleep and a good sleep at night ensures a fresh morning and a wonderful start to the day.

  • Manage Your Stress
  • Stress affects you physically and emotionally. Stress can affect your body. So it's important to find solutions to your problems and manage your stress. Be assertive instead of being aggressive. Practice Yoga or learn some relaxation techniques to keep your mind cool and free from stress.

  • Hobbies
  • Always keep yourself occupied. It is necessary to possess some hobbies. Whenever you feel low, hobbies will keep you fresh and going. You may also think over converting your hobbies into your profession. Life will be best if you live by your hobbies.

  • Good Food Habits
  • Prefer having home-cooked food for the quick and easy food. Be sure to choose the foods which are rich in vital nutrients and which will build your health. Eat wholesome meal. Eating at regular intervals and including all healthy foodstuffs in your diet will keep you energetic and at ease. In addition, it will enhance the quality of your skin and hair.

  • Don't Expect
  • A lot of expectations are likely to hurt you. Surprises are always better than expectations. You are surely going to get hurt if you have too many expectations from people. You cannot expect people to behave as per your wish. Your expectations will hurt you. Also, expecting too much from self without having the capacity to fulfill them can make you feel demotivated. So, it is paramount to set achievable goals.
    Hence, don't expect, but accept things are they are. It is necessary to change your attitude for your peace of mind.

  • Don’t Over Think
  • Too much thinking, though it is positive or negative will drain you off. Your brain will get clogged and you are likely to make bad decisions. It is imperative to live in the present and experience the present moment. Overthinking will only spoil the precious moments of your life.

  • Offer Help to Others
  • Don't you feel good when someone aids you in your difficult times? Likewise, always be a helping hand to the people in need. If you are a support to somebody in their difficult times, it will not only benefit them, but you will experience the contentment of proving helpful to someone. You can contribute some time of yours to NGOs or teach the poor youth and you will get the satisfaction and blessings in return.


    Wellbeing in life can have a positive impact on your mental, physical, emotional as well as the social aspects of your life. It is time to love yourself, make yourself and others feel good in every possible way. Be jovial and spread your joy. You just need to make a start to live in a wellbeing and your life will be beautiful.

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