Activating Our Inner Potential

Why do we want to ignite our potentials?-Inner potentials are set to ignite only if we feel that our present life or situation is not successful or when we feel that we have not achieved anything remarkable in our lives. The thought that we are more than what we are,makes us think of ways to […]

Building Self-confidence

Self-confidence is a factor which helps us to do all kinds of work without any fear.Self-confidence manages our fears and helps us to move on smoothly in life. Perception about oneself directly influences how others perceive you. If you want success standing on your door steps, then “Be Confident” in yourself. If you do not […]

Meditation Has the Power to Initiate Current of Transformation

  Meditation is a process that works inward out. It restores life-energy and sets in the flood of transformation. People practicing meditation can stay healthy and better manage problems arising from stress and strain. Meditation is a natural process that brings relief from stress and strain that comes from life. It is not just relaxation […]

Mixing Business and Spirituality

  We don't often think about how we mix business and spirituality, mostly because the two don't seem to share any common bonds. Business is about driving revenue, boosting sales, and making money. Spirituality is about finding a moral center, a place in this world, and what we can do to elevate our own sense […]

Heart Based Business: How Spirituality and Profit Go Together

  Today's businesses are not just about money and profit. People now realize that money and profit shouldn't just be the main goal of a company or a business. With our community and the planet facing more and more difficulties, companies and businesses are reaching out and doing their part. This is why most companies […]

What is Spiritual Health & How to Obtain It

  Spiritual health can refer to a lot of things, some people consider that to be spiritually healthy has to do with a person's values, their beliefs, and their purpose in life. What exactly is needed to learn how to obtain spiritual health, will vary from person to person and can encompass a lot of […]

Fruitfulness in Spiritual Development

  The sixth stage in spiritual development is fruitfulness. The spirit bears fruit. Bearing Spiritual Fruits Is Natural, Normal Activity Bearing fruit is the natural outcome of maturity. A plant cannot bear fruit while it is yet too young, immature for its kind. It has to wait for some months or years. Some plants mature […]

A Pleasant Relation Between Spirituality and Psychology

  A Pleasant Relation between Spirituality and Psychology Shiva, an icon and example of a being who stands on the zenith of spirituality is someone who merged the concepts of spirituality to his psych. The relation between spirituality and psychology might be a little difficult to understand but once you are clear with the basic […]

Alone Or Not In A Relationship - Who Are We?

  Alone. who are we? This is a very good question. Many of us have at one time or another spent some time alone, or should I say "not in a relationship." It is my assertion that relationships have a far better chance of being successful after two people have been alone for a period […]

Relationships: When To Stay And When To Go

  The Relationships We Choose Before I go any further, let me make an important distinction about relationships: some are optional (husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, business partner, friend, associate) and some aren't (family). Like it or not, your dad will always be your dad and your mum will always be your mum. And so on. […]

The Amazing Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program and Wellness Plan

  There are many reasons why businesses should consider investing in a corporate wellness plan or Corporate Wellness Program. Not only will it make your employees much healthier and happier, but it could potentially increase productivity - making your business more successful and prosperous. One of the main reasons for having a corporate wellness plan […]

Wellness Programs and Employee Benefits

  Most business owners probably understand how their employees’ health can affect the company’s bottom line. Many, however, may not realize how much impact fewer sick days along with higher employee morale can have on the cost of labor for a company. Employee benefits for San Francisco workers provides coverage for employees who get sick […]

Company Wellness Programs

  It makes perfect sense that a company would want its employees to be as healthy as possible. Healthy employees work better and have fewer sick days. This means higher production standards for the company. But beyond that, many companies want to create a positive work environment where employees are happy and motivated. Companies see […]

Workplace Wellness Programs in Pursuit of Wellness

  In the pursuit of wellness Many organizations, schools, colleges and other companies offer health and wellbeing programs to their employees and students. These programs are aimed to get the employees and students in good shape and in good health. They promote health awareness among the workers and urge them to get healthier. Usually, the […]

The Importance of a Corporate Wellness Program

  Corporate wellness program is now an important aid to businesses in improving employees' performance, motivation and well-being. Businessmen lose a large amount of money annually because of employees' below-par performance for reasons like low energy and motivation. Most employees' reasons for absenteeism are sickness, stress and general unwellness. This is why employers need to […]

The Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

  In order for one to fully appreciate the importance of Corporate Wellness Programs, they must first of all be able to learn about the benefits that can be associated with such programs. Indeed many may think that these programs are unnecessary but in real sense they are able to help a company achieve a […]

Keeping Your Workforce Healthy - Corporate Wellbeing

  Everyone knows the frustration of missing days of work. It can lead to a range of things from missed work deadlines, reduced pay to at worst dismissal. For an employer however, workforce absences can lead to much more than just frustration. Every time a member of staff is off sick it is hours of […]

Corporate and Business Wellbeing Through Personal Training in Perth

  The overall health and wellbeing of all employees is something each and every company must put in priority. This article covers the advantages of implementing health and fitness plans at the office through personal training in Perth. Probably the most challenging things about living a corporate life style today is acquiring time for exercise […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

  It's difficult for me to read others blogs or words when they're thankful for a list of things. And most people are quick to say they're thankful for their new cars, their roomy houses, their husbands who take good care of them, their fat wallets, and the list goes on. All that's well and […]

Does Happiness have a Price?

  They say happiness has a price, and people often spend a lot just to find it. But we say otherwise: the best things in life are indeed free. There are ways to boost your happiness without having to spend a single peso. Don't be too materialistic, be realistic! Control the urge to buy the […]

Steps to a Happy Marriage

  Marriage is ordained by God, He created it, therefore it would make perfect sense that he has created the manual for it as well. Now marriage is not easy or perfect and it will never be perfect in this world, since it involves the union of two sinful people trying to survive in a […]

Why Stress Is a Mind Killer

Stress is something which impairs your brain to think or act on something.there are some stress tough people.stress tough people usually thrive on stress and cope with pressure that would put the average person into tailspin. Stress toughness is caused by "commitment", control and challenge. Accept stress as a challenge and you will cope better […]

Stress Management

Stress is something which impairs your brain to think or act on something.there are some stress tough people.stress tough people usually thrive on stress and cope with pressure that would put the average person into tailspin. Stress toughness is caused by "commitment", control and challenge. Accept stress as a challenge and you will cope better […]

Survival Mind Body And Spirit

  "Hello, is there something I can help you with?" "Ah, just browsing thank you." I was at a well known health food store, upon check out I asked something like "how's business," the kindly clerk replied "well it's been o.k, for some reason GNC is recession proof." The interaction later served as conformation of […]