The Emotional Lives of Adolescents

Although adolescence was once believed to be a time of rebellion and tumult, we now know that this developmental stage is calmer than previously assumed. The "rebellion" often seen in teens is likely due to the increased physical, cognitive and social changes that occur in development. During this period, parents may feel as if their […]

Distress in Teens

What, exactly, is a struggling teen? The term struggling teen describes youths who show signs of distress, some subtle and some obvious. Common warning signs include the following behaviours: Isolation and withdrawal: Most teens withdraw from parents, but some sink into themselves too far. They may feel profoundly alone and alienated, unable to connect with […]

Adolescent Development and Values

“Adolescence may be defined as a period within the life span when most of the person’s physical, psychological and social characteristics are in a state of transition from what they were in childhood to what they will be in adulthood. Simply stated, adolescence is a period of life characterised by several major changes that bring […]

Teenagers and Their Problems

According to Hurlock (1981), adolescents are those who are at the age of 12-18 years. Monks, et al (2000) give an age limit is 12-21 years old adolescents. According to Stanley Hall (in Santrock, 2003) adolescents aged 12-23 years were in the range. Under the restrictions given by experts, can be seen that the onset […]

What are the emotional problems of adolescence?

Following are the emotional problems of Adolescence: 1. Sexual Problems: Ideally, the adolescent is supposed to wait until a certain age when economic independence has been achieved and marriage and subsequent monogamous, heterosexual activities are condoned. However, throughout adolescence models for non- conventional behaviour are many and stimulation for sexual activity is generally strong. The […]

ADHD in Adolescence

Most adolescents act impulsively now and then, and teenagers are known for favoring short-term pleasures over long-term benefits. Teenagers with hyperactive-impulsive– or combined-type ADHD, however, can have much more difficulty than others in regulating their impulses, even when they know their behavior is self-destructive. As when he was younger, your child may still act first […]

Problems of Adolescence

Most problems of adolescence are due to failure in understanding the anatomical, morphological and psychological changes expected during adolescence. Psychologically, adolescence is such a vulnerable stage that boys/girls of this age are easily carried away by perceptions generated by Misleading and misguiding parents, teachers, friends, brother/sisters. Ignorance of elders. Half - informed or ill-informed friends, […]

Adolescence Problems

The period of rapid physical and mental growth between the childhood and adulthood is called adolescence. For girls it is in the period between 8-18 years and for boys it is 7-19 years. Adoloscence extends from puberty to complete sexual maturity (puberty is the time of appearance of first external signs of sexual maturation). Characteristics […]

Issues in Adolescence

The problem of adolescence is by no means an easy topic to discuss notwithstanding that it is so to speak an every day thing. It is often said that the teenage years are the “best years of ones life”, In fact Art Linkletter a Canadian born US broadcaster in his book A Childs garden of […]

The Hidden Effects of Divorce On Children

These days, it is hard to come by an individual who does not know someone who has been divorced, or who has not been divorced themselves. In Hollywood, divorce is seemingly becoming a common occurrence, while paving the way for a society where we're not only getting married later in life, but also searching for […]

Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment, do they really work?

Drug addiction is a hard to understand disorder which includes the craving to drugs, which is continued by the individual even after facing deadly consequences. It is a well know fact that addiction is a psychological issue that affects the control over personal activities and social behavior. If left unattended this dangerous mind can call […]

Myths and Facts of Addiction and Treatment

Addiction when happens, affects not only the individual but the family, friends and the whole community as well. No wonder, some people have developed negative feelings towards this disease, thus, creating general idea about addicts and rehab, most of which are baseless. For those who have not been there, or seen the addiction from close […]

The Role of Alcohol Treatment Centres in Fighting Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a curse to the society with its varied impact noted on the normal living of people. Addiction has also been pointed out as the primary cause of road accidents and moral deterioration which can be fatal for the addict or the other people involved in it. Binge alcohol drinkers risk their lives […]

Conquering Addiction Is Possible

Drug addiction is a major problem which plays havoc in the lives of not only the addicts but also their near and dear ones. It ruins personal lives and destroys families. Many die of drug abuse and alcoholism every year. More than that multitudes fall victims of despondency and despair, lacking hope and desire to […]

Addiction and the Brain

Addictions are serious chronic brain diseases, which have biological, psychological, and social implications. They are powerful because they employ neurological processes required for learning and survival. However, they use these vital systems in a way that threatens the addict's health, relationships, and may often end in criminal prosecution and jail time. So, to understand and […]

Are You "Addicted"

If you’ve read self-help literature, you’ve probably heard about the “inner critic”—the mental voice that constantly tells you that you’re not good enough, and bombards you with memories of difficult events and visions of nightmarish possible futures. There are many schools of thought on how to deal with the critic, and most focus on developing […]

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a devastating disease that affects millions of individuals worldwide. When one experiences an addiction to alcohol, they become dependent on it as the factor that starts to control all aspects of their life. Alcohol dependence is both mental and physical. These individuals lose every ounce of control they have when it comes […]

Free Active Life

Modern living in a rapid social environment. Most of the time every day living, fight for the family Pump! Most of the time busy through. In the occupational environment rating system because of other reasons not Can do a true self. Have made some not true to their heart's behavior. Barbara handful of people can. […]

How To Keep Yourself Active ?

Some people aren't really sure if they are happy. Some lessons in life just seem to stick with you. They become an undercurrent to the way you think, live and do business. It’s beyond knowing, it’s an understanding. Two plus two will always be four. No matter the day, the climate or your mood. It […]

Use Exercise to enhance Your Life

In a world where childhood obesity reaches an all-time high, understanding how to incorporate exercise to your daily routine is very important. You should discuss just about any changes to your exercise and dieting with your doctor to make sure you find a routine that's suited to your health.insanity workout dvd program will help improve […]

Key to Achievement

Do you long to breakfree from persistent, life-sapping issues ruining your life or holding you back from success in areas like love, money, health, and self-worth? After many years of helping clients release childhood wounding and move on to lives of power, peace and purpose, I can recommend three key ways to succeed with your […]

Personal achievements

“Your ability to set goals is the master skill of success. Goals unlock your positive mind and release ideas and energy for goal attainment. Without goals, you simply drift and flow on the currents of life. With goals, you fly like an arrow, straight and true to your target.” Brian Tracey Goal setting statistics Here’s […]

Beyond Self Acceptance

Acceptance means honoring and loving yourself just the way you are. Maybe you feel confused and think that accepting yourself means you don’t want to change. You may think, “I don’t want to accept myself – that‘s why I want to lose this weight!” But it’s just the opposite. Making peace with where you are […]

Accepting the Unacceptable

The relationship we have with our body is constantly fluctuating between love, rejection and acceptance. Every morning when we look in the mirror, we see something different. If we’ve had a night of tender caresses with a lover, we might see a desirable body. After a bad night’s sleep the mirror is merciless – bags, […]

How To Build Self-confidence ?

Self-confidence is a factor which helps us to do all kinds of work without any fear. Self-confidence manages our fears and helps us to move on smoothly in life. Perception about oneself directly influences how others perceive you. If you want success standing on your door steps, then “Be Confident” in yourself. If you do […]