Work Life Balance And The Power of Positive Thinking

It's important to get rid of mood swings or energy shifts if you wish to maintain your work life balance and achieve success in business. Reported by psychologist and researcher Martin Seligman, some folks appear to be hardwired to respond optimistically and hopefully to figureout life balance upset and life's good and the bad. Some […]

Setting Your Intentions: The Right Money Attitude

For those of you who read my articles regularly, you know that I provide information to help network marketers become more successful in their business. While I have still written this article with network marketers in mind, it is a topic that anyone in any industry can benefit from by reading it. In your endeavors […]

Listen to the Voice of Your Customer

Your business depends on it. Without knowing what your client wants you cannot ensure client satisfaction. One of way of getting to know is by way of conducting a client survey for satisfaction. The customer’s response to the query whether they would buy something from you or not supplies the key to how satisfied or […]

Passive, Assertive or Aggressive?

  We can define assertiveness by placing it on a continuum between passiveness and aggression and making a contrast with them. Assertive behaviours reflect the sense of personal worth that the individual has for himself and for the other person. When we are Assertive we are honouring and reflecting our core values in whatever situation […]

Learn Some Efficient Ways to Learn Assertiveness

Man is born with rights and duties. Having rights is an attribute of a person. A right, objectively taken, is anything which is owed or due. Taken subjectively, right is moral power. Whatever rights individuals have, whoever stands up for their rights are considered as assertive people or those who imbibe the value of assertiveness. […]

The methods of being competent and yet assertive at the work place

It is pretty imperative that we go on to develop assertive talent in order to have the ability to get forward in existence and build the right impressions on the people who count. Developing assertiveness is all about changing your activities and that also means the way you chat, the way you think about yourself […]

Self-Acceptance - When I Am Free to Be Me

We all want to be liked by others. We want to be accepted for who we are, and we want to feel free to be our genuine selves around them. But sometimes we feel pressured to live up to a certain image or expectation of what we think will please or impress others. So we […]

Coping with anxiety through martial arts

“To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the highest skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the highest skill.” -- Sun Tzu, The Art of War A lot has been said about martial arts. There's a lot punching, kicking, and wrestling involved — all considered as systems and tools of […]

The Four Types of Anger - All You Ever Wanted to Know About Anger

Anger comes from the Latin word, angere, which means "to strangle." Anger strangles us on a number of different levels. It is the emotion which is probably the most familiar to the majority of us. A consistent finding in those who have low self-esteem, migraines, ulcers, heart attacks, substance abuse problems, troubled work and interpersonal […]


Getting Beyond Positive Thinking And being able to see the truth of a situation can be challenging. Having studied Metaphysics for 25yrs and being a Science of Mind Minister I tend to see things differently than some others might. Because I am a meta-physician and I write about metaphysics I work at seeing beyond what […]

Positive Thinking and Personal Development

When looking at our own personal development and reaching our true potential in life there is one factor that we have the most control over but most of the time goes overlooked. It can and usually is the ultimate game changer! That game changer is our thinking. There are so many things in life we […]

How to Become More Successful

How do you feel about people who are very successful? What’s your attitude toward the movers and shakers in your field? Do you admire and respect them? Do you speak highly of them? Or are you suspicious of them? Do you criticize or attack them? What’s the true role of these people in your life? […]

Adequate Use Of Power Of Mind Is The Key To Success

If you believe in power of mind then you may often be finding yourself wondering that why some people are so successful. You may also be confused that why you are almost barricaded by some unanticipated obstacles which deter your progress towards the point where you want to see yourself. Don't feel yourself captivated because […]


Hamm…. This is what is troubling you for quite a while now. You are in an extra marital web and fully entangled and there seems no way out. You are also wary of the fact that entering into this kind of relationship will devastate your family but the extra bond is becoming stronger day by […]

The explicit benefits of Chinese astrology

Chinese astrology is based on the old-fashioned astronomy and calendars. The development of Chinese’s fortune telling is tied to that of astronomy that came to flourish during the period of the Han Dynasty (1406-256 BC). Chinese fortune telling is one of the oldest forms of Astrology; the genesis of naming the years after animals are […]


Astrology is said to have been born in India, but it is not. The invention of zero in India and the decimal system has done much good to astrology,it must be admitted. But, the birth of astrology was elsewhere. The credits go to the Chalidians who were the official astrologers of Roman Emperors and further […]

Astrology Concerns

It is a historical science that supplies an in depth scientific investigation about the passionate connection among the stars and the final results exerted on the other residing beings. A crucial attribute of Astrology is the universality. The typical laws of this out-of-day science is the "Regulation of proportions", in accordance to which all components […]

How To Quit Drinking In 3 Easy Steps

Craving certain substances is not a matter of corrupt morals or weak wills. It is often a series of learned behaviours and body chemistry.[i] Something as simple as a genetic background can predict potential alcohol problems. For instance, people from Middle East background have been using alcohol for over 2,000 years. As a sharp contrast, […]

Reduce Alcohol Cravings

Craving certain substances is not a matter of corrupt morals or weak wills. It is often a series of learned behaviours and body chemistry.[i] Something as simple as a genetic background can predict potential alcohol problems. For instance, people from Middle East background have been using alcohol for over 2,000 years. As a sharp contrast, […]

Three Elements Of A Successful Alcoholism Rehab Program

Have you ever wondered why some people enter alcoholism rehab treatments and succeed, while others fail? You can rely on the alcoholism rehab facility’s success rate to raise the chances of your recovery from addiction, but the truth is, that’s only one of the things that make rehab successful. There are three basic elements that […]

Symptoms Of Alcoholism

Alcoholism, nowadays, prevails in all age groups and in all categories of society, irrespective of color, cast or creed. Of course, alcoholism, except followed on medical grounds is thought to be a viece and not a virtue in society. Symptoms of alcoholism, more or less, are same every where. The symptoms of alcoholism may be […]

How To Get Rich

Do you want to be rich? Your answer may be of course. You may think that this type of question is mainly from the people who sell products by creating greed among people. Arousing greed is against the moral of people. It may give too much emphasis on materials than the spirit inside. Money is […]

How to Make Money From Your Blog

Some people have strong personal feelings with respect to making money from their blogs. If you think commercializing your blog is evil, immoral, unethical, uncool, lame, greedy, obnoxious, or anything along those lines, then don’t commercialize it. If you have mixed feelings about monetizing your blog, then sort out those feelings first. If you think […]

How to Make Lots of Money During a Recession ?

A recession is possibly the best time to launch a new business or to expand an existing one. It’s also a great time to get ahead in your career. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, so let me ‘splain. First, the media goes nuts during a recession. They turn a little bit of negativity into a […]

Adolescent development

The development of children ages 12 through 18 years old is expected to include predictable physical and mental milestones. Information During adolescence, children develop the ability to: Understand abstract ideas, such as higher math concepts, and develop moral philosophies, including rights and privileges Establish and maintain satisfying relationships by learning to share intimacy without feeling […]