Raising Respectful Children - Easy Steps to Better Child Behavior

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

The whole concept of the shoe was for them to properly fit everyone's feet and for them to get around better. The wheels are tucked underneath the shoe and you can't tell they are a skating shoe when someone is walking around them.

Originally Skate shoes were only marketed toward kids because the makers of the shoes only thought of kids as their targets and didn't even think about selling them to adults at all. Kids went crazy wanting this type of shoe. I know my son and all of his friends wanted them as gifts for either Christmas or their birthdays but every kid wanted a pair. As the shoes began to sell more and more they started to make a shoe for adults, although only a couple of shoemakers made these adult shoes available and they sold rather well on the west coast as well as in Florida as they were very popular with surfers and skateboarders. People on either coast east or West bought these shoes and loved them.

The look of the shoe was much the same as every other shoe on the market. The reason they were popular with skateboarders is because they very closely resembled popular skate shoes. They are very trendy looking. They all lace up the same way as any other shoe would and they will most likely go with anything you wear if you choose the right pair but others with bright colors may just be worn for recreational use. They also have very thick soles made of rubber that give great protection to your feet when you are walking instead of skating.

As with problems with all shoes, the cons of this shoe should be considered as well. The first negative is that they tend to be heavier than other shoes which is of course due to the fact that they have wheels built into them. Next, these skate shoes are not the type of shoe you want to wear everywhere. Finally, when the shoes get older they tend to not store the wheels as easily as they did when brand new. The wheels just start to get old and you just may need to get a new pair just like any other shoe.

If you are a sporty person then the skate shoe is the one for you. It is a good shoe that most kids and adults already own you may have seen these around where you live. They are easy to use and can be put up in 2 seconds so go get a pair. Even kids can put the wheels up under the shoe. That is why these shoes were made for kids because they knew that they would catch on and sell like no other shoe on the face of this planet. Adults are liking the shoes as well too. Many adults are using them as skates instead of regular rollerblades. So go out and get a pair for your kids or even for yourself today.

According to many, good manners and right conduct have taken a back seat to the rigors of modern living. People nowadays seem to care less about their attitudes and behaviors toward others. Because of this, moral virtues such as honesty, kindness, and respect are slowly being ignored by our present society.

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