An Article- How to Live a Long and Happy Life?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

How to live a long and happy life?
Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

It is believed that when God sends us on this earth, He Himself writes down the number of days for us and we are not at liberty to live even some beyond the prescribed period. On the other hand we have seen that people in different countries, people under different circumstances and people in different regions with different climates have longer and shorter life. Similarly people who are keeping themselves fit physically are likely to live long and people who are not caring for their health shall die at an early age. Similarly our living habits govern the number of days of our life and it is believed that who lead a simple life live long and people who have adopted a different of living may live short. People who are addicted to drugs and other intoxicants shall live short life. We have read in our mythologies that people had been living on this earth for centuries, that may be true or that may be wrong, none of us can speak on these subjects with confidence.
In spite of all these things, we shall have to take into the consideration the following points to keep ourselves happy and to live along like:-
(1) Everyone of us must get up at 04.00AM and while getting up one must ascertain that he had been sleeping for at least seven hours.
(2) Everyone of us must start preparing himself and first of all he or she must clean his or her inside and must ensure that whatever he had been taking yesterday is out and if there is a short fall, he must see that he had been taking something which was not digested by him and therefore, he should start avoiding that eatable in future.
(3) Everyone of us must be in the bathroom which should be covered and you are in a position to keep privacy. You should examine each part of your body and must ensure that it is in working order and if there is some difficulty, you can consult some doctor. And you must ensure that you are avoiding some long term disease.
(4) You should ensure that every part of your body is cleaned properly and it would not give bad smell.
(5) After coming out of the bathroom, you should go to a lonely place where you can take exercise. You should ensure privacy, because most of us are not feeling free when we take exercise before the eyes of others. You should have training from some expert and once adopted, this course must be with you during the remaining part of your life. You should not miss this course daily and it must be part of your day to day duties.
(6) You must meet God daily and for that purpose it is not necessary that you should go to some religious place or you are bound to recite some works from religious books. You can talk to God about your difficulties and you must try to find out a solution of your problem and you must demand from God that He should give you power and strength for the performance of your part and therefore, you should believe in the concept ot ‘God helps those who help themselves'.
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(7) You should have information of all the items earmarked for today and those must be taken up priority-wise and those must be performed without leaving a single item pending for the next day because this pending item would not allow you to take rest in the night and it shall create so many worries and troubles for you.
(8) You must put in hard labour and must utilize full power at your command and then you should leave the result to God because if we start feeling that we have not been awarded, then we shall be frustrated and such a course shall demoralize us and we shall not be a free person. Such frustration could lead us to have some long term diseases.
(9) You should have a good breakfast, you may take a cup of tea when you are tired and if need be, you should take some rest during day time too after the lunch.
(10) Your dinner should not be heavy and it should be taken at least two hours, the time which you have fixed for yourself to go to bed.
(11) Before going to deep sleep, you should sit for some minutes in your bed and you must ensure that you have an eye on your performance of the day and you have found out the mistakes you had committed during the day and you should try that such mistakes be avoided in future.
(12) Everyone of us must try to know the purpose for the fulfillment of which one has been sent on this earth and we should try to fulfill that purpose. God is the most efficient creator and therefore, we must believe that God has created us with some purpose and if we are behind, it clearly means, we could not understand the purpose for which we had been created by God.
(13) We should try to have time for reading books, news papers, magazines, looking at the TV set and listening to the radio. This prescribed time must be adhered to and should not be avoided because we need energy from inside and all these items shall enrich us.
(14) We should be having friends and we should avoid creating and developing enmity with others because such enemies would be troubles us and we shall never feel at ease.
(15) We must love younger, have friendship with the people of our age and we must respect the elders.
(16) We should have good and cordial relations with our life partner and should not try to have quarrel with the life partner. We should obey each other and must try to win faith, sincerity and love from the other side. We should be two in bodies and one in spirit.
(17) You should look after those who have been left to you by God and you should not run away from these responsibilities.
If we observe these small items, there are chances that we may live a long and happy life. Everyone of us at liberty to add some more points in this list.


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