Positive Thinking and Personal Development

Dr. Purushothaman
September 21, 2013

When looking at our own personal development and reaching our true potential in life there is one factor that we have the most control over but most of the time goes overlooked. It can and usually is the ultimate game changer! That game changer is our thinking. There are so many things in life we do not have control over or have the ability to change, but the one thing we do have complete and ultimate control over is our outlook and perceived reality. We control our outlook and reality by positive thinking.

The importance of positive thinking in shaping your perceived reality

Everyone has their own perceived reality. Let’s take a look at one reality perceived in two different ways from two different kinds of thinkers.

Let’s first look at the negative thinker or “negative nelly” as he is sometimes called by his family members, coworkers and friends. We will call him Marve. Marve has been a territory sales manager for the last 15 years. Due to the recent economy Marve has been told by his employer that they have to make some cuts in order to stay solvent and drive revenue. One of those cuts is to eliminate his job. They tell him that in doing so he will not be let go but put out into the field to help drive revenue and fill open positions.

Marve views this as a negative and an embarrassment. He feels betrayed by his company and his outlook is that of doom and dismay. His reality is that the company he has worked for during the last 15 years has betrayed him and left him with nothing but a demotion. During the next 5 months Marve is unable to focus or concentrate at work causing him to be unproductive and look like more of a monetary and social burden on the company. Due to his lack of production and negative attitude Marve is eventually let go.

Next let's look at positive Marve. Same situation just a different type of thinking. Positive Marve takes the news of being put back into the field a blessing because he is not losing his job but still has the ability to provide a good living for his family. His reality is that the company which he has happily worked for during the past 15 years has done him a favor and kept him as part of the team, again giving him another opportunity to prove himself.

During the next 5 months Marve works hard looking for every opportunity he can find to sell his product and help his fellow co workers. In his mind he sees the opportunity all around him. He himself not only excels but helps in bringing individuals on the verge of being let go to having some of their greatest sales months ever. He becomes known as the “go to” guy in the company, always willing to help motivate. The company begins to perform well again and Marve is promoted not only back into his old position but that of the regional territory manager.

Moral of the story is that due to Marve’s positive thinking and ability to see the opportunities all around him, he was able to capitalize on a situation, that to some, would look at as a dismal one and a reason not to succeed.

Your perceived reality is what you make of it. Two people can have the same reality but two completely different outlooks changing their outcomes. Positive thinking will be one of the tools used in finding your true potential and helping lead you to the success you deserve.

How to obtain a positive thinking frame of mind

Peace Pilgrim said, “If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” The biggest challenge in maintaining or finding our positive thinking frame of mind is to realize how powerful our thoughts are. If we think we will fail then we will fail. Most of the time we never even try because of a belief in our minds that we will fail, so we never take action and then therefore fail.

You need to change your thinking. The first tip is to accept the things you cannot change and move on. Do not dwell on them. Dwelling on those things will only breed negativity that will sooner or later infect your mind and way of thinking. Your mind is like a sponge, what you soak up sooner or later comes out.

When faced with a challenge or roadblock look at is an opportunity to help yourself improve. It is hard, believe me I know, but when you have negative thoughts on a situation catch it and change it into a positive one. Sometimes we do not even realize when our thoughts turn negative or destructful.

Realize and believe that you are capable of accomplishing anything you want to accomplish. You need to program your mind into alway thinking positive and having a positive outlook. You can do that by taking action. You cannot finish something if you never start it. One of the biggest affects negativity has on us is that it stops us before you even get started. I call it the taking action killer! If you never take action you will never accomplish what you want and deserve.

The biggest and number one thing you can do is to surround yourself with positive thinking people. Positivity is contagious and very powerful. The more positivity you are around the easier it will be to be positive. You will find that as you spend more time around positive thinking people it will become easier to nurture and grow your positive frame of mind. This will all aid you in growing our positive frame of mind, obtaining what you desire and deserve and reaching your true potential..

Is is not what happens to you but how you react to it, that statement is so very true.

Things happen though life and we may not have control over them but we do have complete control over how we react. If we are in a positive frame of mind and look for opportunities then we will find them in any situation. Positive thinking is just one of the tools you have to help in finding your true potential. You are in complete control of your destiny. As things happen to you take charge, control your reaction and look for that opportunity. Live with a positive thinking frame of mind and attitude. If you do then I am confident that you will reach your full potential and get the things you deserve

God Speed!

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