Why we are Disgusted?

Dr. Purushothaman
April 11, 2021

Right from dirt to pickles and or chitterlings to cockroaches, the things that gross us out says a great deal about us. Essentially, when you feel irritable by something, your brain is trying to protect you from something dangerous. However, since human emotions are more complex in nature, understanding the cause of it is of paramount importance or it might lead you on the wrong track.

What is this feeling of disgust and why do we feel disgusted?

Disgust is a by-product of an evolutionary adaptation to keep us away from disease vectors and toxins. Feeling sickened about something is not just a physical sensation. It is rather a powerful emotional warning sign. It is the response we have to those certain things that we find repulsive.

How is the feeling of disgust affecting us?

Today, we humans use this biologically-based behavior as a pretext for our moral and legal codes of society. It could be that one person’s disgust is perhaps another person’s fetish. The same for someone else may be absolutely indifferent. This conflict of subjective adaptation to concepts has lead to so many disagreements between different groups since history.

What is the coping mechanism to deal with such unpleasant feelings?

  • Control your thoughts

Emotions make your thoughts control you and you have to reverse this cycle. Notice consciously when judgmental thoughts pop in your head and immediately take steps to eliminate them.

  • Focus on yourself

Rather than spending time by imagining what other people are thinking and doing, become more mindful of your own needs, wants and feelings. See what soothes you which will automatically calm an impulse like disgust.

  • Talk to someone you trust

It is easy to find faults in situations and people. Doing so enhances your feelings of disgust. Talk to a friend or indulge in professional help who can help you struggle with these emotions.

Disgust can influence a lot of social and moral judgments. If you wish to avoid the consequences that arise from the powerful influence of this emotion, get in touch with the support persons at Living in Wellbeing today. With cognitive behavioral therapy, you will easily be able to get rid of the fallacious conduct that is a result of disgust. With the most competitive fees, we offer state of the art facilities to all our clients and lead them to live a hale and hearty life.

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