How Do You Define “True Love”?

Dr. Purushothaman
June 9, 2024

It is not uncommon to think and wonder about the real meaning of true love. The meaning of true love has been a topic of debate for centuries. True love can be defined as a strong feeling of affection and adoration towards a person. But it becomes difficult to know if your or another person’s sentiments qualify as true love or not. To help you in determining whether your love is true love or not, we list down some of the indicators that define true love.

  • When you love a person unconditionally, it is true love. True love has no strings attached to it and the other person adores you absolutely in all the situations of life. To put it in simple words, when a person loves you in all the circumstances and through your bad or good times, it defines true love.
  • When your partner accepts and understands you for what you are and how you are, it is an indicator of true love. In true love, your partner fully accepts you without trying to change you, fix you or turn you into a different person.
  • When there is true love, you can talk to your partner about anything. True love implies that you are truthful to your partner and can freely hold a candid discussion about any matter. When you are open with that person, your bond goes stronger and you can share the different aspects of your life without any hesitation.
  • When you have found true love, you can be yourself with that person. You are no longer required to fake or pretend in front of that person. To experience true love in a relationship, it is essential to be yourself.
  • When there is true love in a relationship, there will be respect and compassion between the partners. You will be able to understand each other’s situation well and be able to resolve conflicts constructively.
  • True love can be found where your morals and values align with your partner. True love means that you both are always on the same page on different matters and you similarly distinguish between right or wrong. Therefore, having similar values is one of the important components of true love.
  • When you are thinking of true love, the feelings and emotions of your partners must affect you in the same way. When the happiness or sorrows of your partner affects you with similar feelings, you must know that you are in true love.
  • In true love, you and your partner are one team. You work together as a team and try to make each other’s lives better. It is always “we” instead of “me” in true love. There is no place for ego or selfishness in the relationship.

The above mentioned are some of the key points that define true love. When you are in true love, the world seems beautiful and it is one of the best feelings of life. If at any point in life, you want to learn about the meaning of true love, you may get in touch with Living In Wellbeing’s expert counsellors.


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