Why We Are Partial?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2022

We all have at some point encountered partiality in a real situation. It could be in the workplace, or at school and college or even within our families. Favouritism can hurt and ruin relationships, confidence, and loyalty among many other things.

Why partiality happens?

We are social creatures and we all like to make connections. In the view of being accepted and liked in return, sometimes we force ourselves into being liked and help people by doing favors and listening to them when they need our support. These are all healthy aspects of a relationship. However, we expect special treatment in return for all the personal relationships we share. You keep getting involved in the unfair exchange and become a victim to partiality.

What are the effects of partiality?

Being part not only impacts our sense of fairness, but it creates inequality in responsibility. You tend to overlook every mistake and cover-up for the one you extend your liking too. It can even breed resentment and result in serious consequences. The partial relationships become so overwhelming that it can actually derail the entire organization and system.

How to deal with partial behavior?

Such kind of favouritism is not only limited to big and small enterprises. If you carefully notice, each one of us in the smallest way is part of our daily lives. We choose our friends and partners based on compatibilities and mutual interests. The first step to controlling your behaviour is to see everyone in one light. If you are on the receiving end of partiality, do not be afraid of voicing the truth. Politely excuse yourself where you feel there are chances of degraded morale and motivation and focus on improving your own productivity.

Therapy is another incredibly useful tool that helps not only with partiality issues but with a range of challenges such as anxiety, sleep disorders and traumatic stress. Attending therapy sessions allow a person to gain the knowledge that is needed to fully address their illness.

The therapists at Living in Wellbeing can help you get to the root of the problem. Not only limited to the existing challenges, but the sessions with our therapists will also allow you to peacefully explore better ways to communicate all the issues that seem to pop up. So, write to us or call us and let us guide you through improving your mental health before it leads to serious physical health concerns as well.

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