Importance Of Physical Appearance In Our Life?

Dr. Purushothaman
May 19, 2024

Is physical appearance key to success in life? Or does it makes one’s life easier to achieve his goals? Well, it is a debatable topic. Some may say that physical appearance is very important to excel in life, while some may say that personality is more important than looks. Both the term belongs to a different domain. Physical appearance represents outer beauty and personality is more about inner beauty.

If you look at history, you will find the people of all types of physical appearances have achieved success in life. It is ultimately their talent, leadership skills and hard work that took them to new heights. Colour tone, tall or short height, etc. are the traits given by God. No one has control over them and we cannot manipulate them. Therefore, it is the mind-set and character of the person that will determine his path to success.

The thing with physical appearance is that it can be pretended. There are many ways to change your physical appearance. You may look good with your dressing, surgery, makeup or any other treatment. But when it comes to overall personality i.e. inner beauty, it cannot be pretended. Your attitude and behaviour determine your personality. A good looking person with no morals and bad behaviour would be disliked by everyone. So having a good personality is more important for achieving success in life.

However, in some cases, physical appearance becomes more important than personality. If you are into modelling then a good physical appearance is essential for fashion shows. But there is also the aspect of personality that cannot be ignored. You cannot be a successful model just with your looks, you need a positive attitude as well. As you will age, your beauty will fade and at that time only your personality will determine your future growth. You should never forget that people remember you for your attitude, kindness and professionalism, and not based on your appearance.

You will find many people who give preference to looks rather than personality. Our society in such cases needs a drastic makeover. This will help in overcoming all the injustice and crime done based on physical appearance. Each individual should be judged for his work and behaviour. Nothing else matters more to determine how good an individual is.

So if you are not good looking, there is no need to feel low. You will receive much more praise and acceptance in society for your behaviour. Please understand that our inner state of mind and the beauty of our heart is always more important than our external appearance. If at any point in life, you feel low regarding your physical appearance, you may get in touch with Living In Wellbeing’s expert counsellors. The motivational and inspirational talk with us will help you in excelling in life with more confidence.


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