Why Should You Visit A Dentist Regularly

Dr. Purushothaman
May 27, 2020

Your set of pearly whites plays a crucial role in delivering nutrition to your body. The process of digestion begins right in your mouth. Therefore the overall health of your mouth, including that of teeth is integral, to your vitality. Hence, dental care is as important as your overall health.

 We make it a point to get our regular physical examination done, checking for our blood profile and proper functioning of our organs. What we tend to miss out is to take care of our teeth as much. It may be due to fear or anxiety that one feels around a dental hospital. However, with a plethora of excellent dentistry practices and sedation dentistry, dental procedures are comfortable and relaxed. So the entire stigma of getting a dental checkup is lowered down. Getting a regular dental checkup regularly is essential. We are giving you five reasons that will help you understand why you should get a dental appointment at least twice a year.

1.   To avoid tooth decay.

One of the most common problems associated with your teeth is that of tooth decay. Our mouth becomes susceptible to decay every time we eat something sweet.  Despite maintaining a proper brushing routine, sometimes germ build-up in the mouth, thus causing minor decomposition in the enamel of the teeth. These decompositions go unnoticed for months and gradually reach the sensitive inner layers of the teeth, causing decay. During a regular checkup, your dentist can detect tooth decay at a very early stage and can take appropriate action to arrest it.

 2.   To reduce the chances of gum diseases and gingivitis.

The food particle that remains stuck between the little spaces between your teeth, combines with the saliva and bacteria in the mouth to form plaque and tartar. Build up plaque becomes the root cause of the periodontal disease known as gingivitis. Therefore, it is important to clean your teeth even from the hard to reach places. On your typical dental check-up, a hygienist cleans your teeth, thus scaling down the build-up plaque and reducing the risk of gum disease.

 3.   To keep your teeth white and shining.

With a surge of social media platforms and dating sites that make photo sharing so popular among people, the cosmetology industry is continually growing. Nonetheless, people are conscious about the way they look and of which their smile, the alignment, and the whiteness of the teeth play a significant role. Getting a tooth whitening done has gained momentum off lately. But, an average teeth whitening procedure done at home with the help of an in-home kit is $400. That might create a big hole in your pocket, and not mention, you leave yourself susceptible to damage and sensitivity.

 Another way to keep your teeth white The surface of teeth is porous, and anything you eat or drink stains for an extended period. Even with regular brushing and maintaining a proper hygiene routine, it is difficult to get a white shine in your teeth.

 Regular cleaning will keep your teeth healthy, odor-free, and bring back the luster of your teeth eventually. Remember, the daily cleaning of your teeth will not whiten your teeth drastically, but it is a safe method that brings gradual change over a period. It is better to be under the guidance of a professional than to find a quick fix solution. A regular visit to a dentist can give you a good looking healthy smile and that too without costing you much.

 4.   To wave off any serious disease.

It is difficult to spot oral cancer at its initial stages. On your regular visits, your dentist thoroughly checks your teeth and mouth for any irregularities. Apart from oral cancer, many other diseases show an early sign of symptoms in your mouth. For example, typical discoloration in tongue and jaw might indicate anemia in a person. A foul smell from the mouth is sometimes due to the dysfunction of the kidney or liver.

 Also, regular cleaning can reduce inflammation-causing bacteria in your mouth, which in turn ensures the healthy function of your blood vessels. It is not surprising to know that regular cleaning at a dentist’s office can reduce your risk of heart disease. There are fair chances of early detection and prevention of these life impeding diseases.

 5.   To take care of your age-specific needs.

Just like you need a physician to take care of the age-specific needs related to your health, a dentist ensures that your mouth remains healthy throughout for you. An infant may need a dental checkup before the age of 1, to discern any biting problem and speech problem. Likewise, an adult may require a visit to a dentist regularly to keep a check on any decay or oral infection.

 For an expecting mother, it is crucial to keep gum diseases at bay to avoid the risk of delivering a preterm baby. The hormonal changes during pregnancy can give rise to gingivitis that requires a doctor to intervene. At later stages in your life, a dentist looks after the life expectancy of your tooth fillings, if any.  Also, with old age comes the risk of osteoporosis along with the higher rate of gum disease and mouth infection.

Our current lifestyle habits of binging on junk food that is high in sugars and carbohydrates, leave our teeth more susceptible to decay and bacteria. The use of tobacco and alcohol also leads to several dental problems. Moreover, common issues like stress and sinus can exert pressure on the facial nerves and trigger dental pain in an individual. Regular brushing and cleaning might not be enough to wave off severe issues like the rapid build-up of bacteria in your mouth due to any illness or other underlying issue. Numerous reasons might call for a dentist’s involvement in your everyday life. Precautionary dental care is far cheaper and more accessible than encountering a problem and finding care after that.

 Taking good care of your set of whites is not just regular brushing and flossing, it gets in check with your dentist regularly.

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