Simple Tips To Keep Your Breathing Air Clean & Pure

Dr. Purushothaman
May 20, 2020

You may perhaps have a bad air day daily and we are talking about indoor air. The inside air quality in your house may be upsetting your health and the health of individuals living with you. There’re possible causes of air pollution in about each room of your home, but be hopeless. The excellent news is that there’re stress-free, and inexpensive, solutions for many of them.

Do you know what is polluting the air in your house? The toxins that creep around outdoors can be found inside too, where they can and do link with other aggravations, that’s why you need to have AC cleaning every season. Those can comprise of smokes from ignition devices and gas-fired machines, and allergens such as house dust mites, pet dander, and mold.

Open the windows

The easiest approach to improve your air is to allow in some fresh air from outside. This is vital when you are taking a shower, air-drying laundry, cleaning or cooking -- even in toilets and kitchens constructed with ventilation systems that exhaust to the outside. If you have an exhaust fan in the kitchen, make sure to open the nearest window after turning it ON. Clean the filters every 6 months.

Turn ON air purifier

It may perhaps be worth the investment if allowed in the air is challenging (for example if you’ve seasonal allergies). This device is perfect for the central-air system and can hook almost 99% of big particulates like dander and pollen. Search for one rated MERV (minimum-efficiency reporting value) -13 or more. For those not having central air, a self-supporting HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration unit can be perfect for a room, however not over the complete home. Put where you pass most of the time, like your living room or bedroom.

Remove Your Shoes at the Door

Ensure to remove your shoes at the door to dodge pollen, dust and other filth from outside into your house. If you arrange some gathering at your place which involves so many guests so place a short note at the doorstep that says your visitors to remove their shoes as well.

Ban Smoking

However, smoking should be banned, there must be some guests or any family member who needs to have a smoke during a party or just sitting at home watching TV. Though, smoking can leave its traces on your curtains, walls, and other furnishings for an extensive time. Cigarette smoke comprises of over 4000 chemicals, some of which are cancer-causing. So, graciously tell your visitors to smoke in the open-air if required.

Ditch Aerosols

It might be alluring to spray some room freshener to welcome visitors to a fragrant house or to mask out the smoke from the firecrackers outside, but breath in the substances in sprays can be the reason of heart problems that can be deadly with time. Air fresheners have phthalates, which are famous to be endocrine disruptors. This is particularly unsafe for children and toddlers whose endocrine systems haven’t completely developed. As an alternative, use essential oils for perfume.

Clean Your Walls

You may have gone all out to clean your closets, kitchen, toilets, and floors and you could have noted a change in the air quality. But, walls mostly get ignored because they may look clean. Make a mixture of vinegar and warm water and spray on your walls to make sure you get them spotless. If your walls are whitewashed, no need to add vinegar just go for warm water.

Consider a Paint Job

The air in our houses is 3 to 6 times dirtier than the air outside, due to numerous causes like pet hair, dust, smolder from cooking, chemical washing products, and so numerous more. If you are going to pass time inside the house, the type of paint you select matters a lot. So go for light, fresh colors for your walls.

Breathe Dust

Although the latest homes built away from or further than busy roads may need a dusting job just once or twice a week, dirt builds up more rapidly in older constructions or those with meager air circulation. These houses need regular dusting. Ensure to damp down your rag – water and dust particles appropriately clasp onto each other. For antiques and wood surfaces, go for a microfiber fabric for dusting. Don’t overlook window ledge, bath rungs, and shelves. Every time goes from high to low.

Rinse Mats and Towels.

Air-dry towels and mats well after every use. Throw towels into the washing machine after every three to four days; mats once a week. Evade those mats with rubber base.

Snatch a Mop

The best way to freshen the air is to mop the floor. In any case, gravity pulls down elements, which then whirl up with the lowest crosscurrent. Brushes get at fragments, but to bridle in the tiny elements that annoy your breathing system, mop or wiper at least once a week. To mutate spots easily, pick a swab with a telescoping articulated handle and a detachable machine-washable top.

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