How To Manage OCD By Some Simple Tips

Dr. Purushothaman
May 24, 2020

OCD, known as obsessive-compulsive disorder, is usually treated by medication. It is a psychological disorder that cannot be diagnosed by normal medical procedures such as blood tests or x-rays. It is a problem found in several individuals and is considered to be based on genetics and hereditary of an individual.

Someone with OCD probably has it in his family history. OCD treatment and ADD treatment can be done by exercise, multivitamins, and antidepressants in most cases. Also, fish oil is considered as a natural supplement that can curb ADD to a certain extent. People suffering from OCD are very sensitive and must be dealt with carefully. Listen to them when they want to talk and unburden themselves.

OCD can include lack of attention, depression, anxiety, etc. Many doctors have shared many successful cases in curing OCD. At times, an OCD patient can get relief to a great extent and can enjoy life happily without the burden of OCD lingering. Some of the treatments may include medicines while other forms of treatment may be natural procedures. Counseling plays a major role in curbing OCD. Following are some of the ways in which OCD can be taken care of:

1. Physical exercise

Physical exercise is one major factor that helps in eliminating or reducing OCD to a great extent. Doing exercises that you like such as cycling, walking or swimming can help relax and refresh your mind and body. This reduces the feelings of stress and anxiety from developing in your body and lessen the chances of OCD to show up.

A 20-minute routine of light aerobics and stretches can be added to your schedule every morning. It can be enough exercise for you to feel fresh and active. In this way, you can evade feelings of anxiety and depression.

2. Use of antidepressants

Many people want immediate treatment and instant relief from OCD. Though there is no permanent quick-fix for OCD, medicines do provide great relief in very little time. Most medicines start showing results within two to four weeks of use. Some may take even eight to ten weeks.

Many medicines are available that contain chemicals required to regulate the function of serotonin in the human body. Prozac and Anafranil are a few such names. However, you should take such medicines only after being prescribed by your family doctor or a reliable medical expert.

3. Provision of CBT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is considered by many health experts as the best form of therapy. Many doctors and health professionals believe that more than 80% of cases have been cured with the help of CBT. This is usually the first treatment suggested by doctors.

In behavioral therapy, patients are exposed to things they are afraid of and get anxious about, repeatedly. This repeated exposure tends to reduce feelings of anxiety or fear. This is accompanied by response prevention. In response prevention, the patient is trained not to respond the way he would, when exposed to the source of fear. Then, in Cognitive Therapy, the psychologist traces the patient’s thought process and tries to rectify it and remove irrational fears through counseling.

4. Change in lifestyle

A change in lifestyle can be extremely beneficial in curing OCD. Most expert’s advice to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. You should include in your routine, activities that you like. These may include things that you enjoy such as cycling, playing badminton, going for walks, or outings with friends to name a few.

Taking up a new hobby also helps you relax and avoid thinking about negative thoughts leading to anxiety. Photography, painting, gardening, etc. Are a few such hobbies that can help you feel relaxed and positive about yourself and your surroundings. This can divert your mind away from any OCD.

Apart from that, remove toxic and negative people from your social circle and stay connected with friends who make you feel positive.

5. Increase in outdoor activities

An increase in physical activities outdoors can have great positive effects on your psychology. It can expose you to sunlight and fresh air, reducing the chances of depression and anxiety. Also, the fresh oxygen improves blood flow in your body and exhilarates your mind. It makes you more positive, fresh, alert, and attentive.  This helps people focus better on their studies and jobs.

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