How Meditation Helps to Manage Mental Crisis in COVID-19 Like Pandemics

Dr. Purushothaman
June 14, 2020

We are passing through a terrible time never experience in life when we are really feeling anxious, frightened, confused, and tense in present situations. Sometimes we even feel crazy that we are not able to do what we are supposed to do. Most of us are unable to face such a situation effectively. The majority of people are really stressed out and the COVID-19 attack is such a situation that is prevailing all over the world.

Coping with such a situation is not so easy when we are in the midst of confusion, chaos and even when we are in a crucial part of our life especially when we are in a situation of crisis. Meditation comes handy at this point of time in our lives.

When anxiety comes up, we have to deal with it the easy way and meditation is one such way that can cool our minds and bring us back to normalcy. The usual ways of dealing with anxiety and crisis are not very practical as they do not give us any kind of peace of mind for the current situation.

Why our ways of dealing things are not working:

  • We normally try to get distracted and ignore a particular situation when we want to gain peace of mind. But this is not possible now because we are not able to ignore what is affecting every part of the world.
  • Trying to procrastinate and avoid cannot help us avoid the crisis.
  • Controlling everything is not possible as this is not controlled as of now and though there can be ways to tackle the crisis.
  • Normally we quit a particular situation or exit it. But here we are not able to run away from the world.
  • We do complain a lot and let our anger lash upon others. But here this will only make matters worse.
  • We tend to worry a lot then and even now. That does not change for the present crisis.

When in such a situation, it is normal for us to freak out. But we can calm our minds by practicing various relaxation, spiritual methods and meditation. To get peace of mind is our choice. So try to meditate and release our anxiety and worries.

How meditation helps

Meditation is a real solution for a lot of problems like uncertainty as well as anxiety. When in times of fears, especially when at its peak, it would be perfect to meditate and gain some amount of peace of mind and get our minds to relax in the current situation. What meditation does when we are frightened thinking about the present situation:

  • Meditation helps us to understand that we are engrossed in thoughts that make us anxious. When we get to know about this, we can do something about the situation.
  • It helps us to understand our feelings that come up. Normally, we do not notice such things that come up in our minds.
  • Meditation helps to break our long line of thought cycle in which we are involved. This can keep us from being active or from doing anything positive
  • It will allow us to relax and understand our present situation and make us understand that we are not in a dangerous situation, but that we are fine now.
  • It makes our minds calm and helps us to focus on good things.

Meditation can be a great boon to us all the time. So it is good to practice this good habit. It not only helps to cope up with our present COVID-19 Crisis, but also helps us in facing our future troubles or crises with a positive mindset. We should make it a practice to find out at least 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and evening to practice meditation. You can also get sufficient support for the various method and types of meditation from authorized persons or organization


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