Lessons We Should Learn From the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Purushothaman
April 29, 2020

The present COVID-19 Pandemic should be looked upon from a different perspective- In the Philosophical Metaphysical and Universal approach. The whole miserable and unforgettable experiences have brought a lot of lessons to our life, which should awaken our thinking in a new path for a renewed life journey- A New World Order. Most of the time we observe and try to manage them most objectively by exercising all our efforts to prevent and control these problems. We should understand the fact that human beings are one of the other entities in this mysterious, miraculous, and magnanimous Nature, which is all ways taking care of us.

Now we have reached the highest level of all technical and scientific attainments by the blessing of Mother Nature. Due to various reasons, the whole humanity has changed a lot in the attitude, approach, lifestyle, behavior, and the like. These changes have resulted in a lot of Physical, Mental, Socio-Economical, Cultural, and Ecological Problems leading to Global Confusion, Imbalance, Terror, Violence, and even a World War. Now we can see that negativity is ruling the world at large. The result is that Nature has lost its total balance and is on the verge of destruction. To maintain the balance of the Earth & Nature, Nature itself is taking various steps like Extreme Climatic Changes, Repeated Disasters, Frequent Calamities, Periodic Pandemic Diseases, and finally this Novel COVID-19 attack. If we are not caring the nature, the possibility of repeating the same incidents in a more vigorous nature cannot be ruled out.

Top 10 Lessons We Should Learn After The COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Focus On Simple Living

Escape the consumer-driven world and dive into a simpler life. in this age of consumerism and materialism, we have become cluttered with unnecessary belongings. By living a simple life, you can eliminate what is unnecessary and spend more time doing what is really meaningful to you. It can help you to transform a chaotic life into a more fulfilling and peaceful existence.

Why opt for a Simple Life? What are its Advantages?

Simplistic living leads to increased focus- there is a notable reduction in distractions when you de-clutter. It leads to feeling less irritable and more productive.

Simple life helps the environment- by less consumption and having fewer possessions, it decreases the amount of waste produced by a person thereby helping the environment.

A simple life is great for your health- your physical and mental health greatly benefits. having a non-materialistic attitude drives you away from the urges of drinking alcohol, smoking, and also drug use.

5 Tips To Simplify Your Life

Choose quality over quantity- do not focus on the number of possessions but on the value, it adds to your life. Having tons of mediocre things will only cause trouble.

Limit media consumption- while it may be entertaining, too much exposure to media can dictate or dominate your life. It can cause anxiety and distract us from what is really important.

Stop multitasking- Focus on mastering the task at hand. Splitting your focus on various things will only cause increased stress levels and failed results.

Spend time with your loved ones- Steer away from energy-draining people and spend time with those who are positive, loving, and encouraging in nature.

Learn to say no- Lastly and most importantly, have the courage to reject requests. Have a good understanding of the priorities in life.

2. Human Health and The Health of The Planet Go Hand in Hand

 The pandemic is a wakeup call that our health and wellbeing is closely tied to that of the planet. We continue to pollute, poison, and destroy the environment on a massive scale and that needs to stop. Research states that we dump more than 30 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere causing harm to all living species. Our way of living has become a recipe for self-destruction and we must work upon ourselves, focus on undemanding ways of life, and adapt to a lifestyle that is safe and simple. The health of the natural environment is no different than our own health and one is dependent on another.

3. Hygiene is Most Crucial

Maintaining general hygiene is always important and not just when there is a virus outbreak. Washing hands and sanitation is crucial in our daily lives. It keeps us and also our loved ones away from all kinds of health risks. It provides added social and personal benefits. When you take care of yourself, it also helps you have better self-esteem. Public spitting has been an unarguable issue and there has been a considerable drop in that habit. People wear masks and follow the social distancing policy which if continued then all of us would end up healthier as a consequence.

4. It’s Time to Slow Down

It is hard to slow down when your life is a never-ending to-do list of things. All this busyness has congested our minds. There is a nagging sense that keeps us on our feet but slowing down is radical today. Take a step back and take an honest assessment of the things that need to be done. When you get out of your homes as the threat of the virus ceases, do not join the rat race. You will feel like you have more control over the happenings in your life. Hanging on to things can cause a lot of unnecessary stress. So just take a deep breath and slow down your pace.

5. Learn How to be Content Alone

This pandemic on a brighter side has helped many to just be still and do nothing. It is very difficult to do so and especially for extroverts, it can be very exhausting and lonely. However, social distancing must be practiced even after the Covid19 widespread ceases. Your body and mind is your home and you must work towards empowering it. Spend more time in isolating yourself from the world that you have kept on standstill. Relationships improve when you learn to be content with yourself. Make the choice to enjoy the simpler things in life that assure you of bringing peace and joy. Learn how to love a simple way of life and then live with it.

6. De-Clutter Your Home

Home is a sanctuary we can relax in and retreat to. However, we fail miserably at keeping it healthy. Staying indoors has helped many who spent their time cleaning their cupboards and drawers and de-cluttering their lives. Even if most did it to pass time and enjoy a sense of achievement from accomplishing an impending task, it has taught us the value of letting go. When you stop storing things and clear out your mess, it is also physically healthier as it eradicates dust and toxins from the air. Too much clutter can also have you feeling discontent in your home and will affect your well-being.

7. Sharing is Caring

Sharing is a wonderful thing. And this coronavirus situation gives us a golden opportunity to practice altruism. We have seen how incredible it is when nations and their people care for each other and hold together. Our strength comes from our community and we must remember that for as long as we live. We are social animals and are fragile on our own. It will be a while until the economy thrives again and people’s pockets are heavy. Until then, help everyone around you in whatever way you possibly can. Because what good is a full belly if you cannot celebrate it with others, right?

8. Simple Cooking Equals Healthy Living

A change in the pattern of food intake is seen worldwide during the pandemic. People are refraining from eating fast food and are preparing basic meals at home. One could blame the scarce availability of ingredients, while many see it as the most positive outcome of staying at home. Cooking and eating simple food at home assists with weight management. That is because it fills your body with plentiful vitamins, minerals, high-quality protein, and healthy fats. A stronger immune system is built and it keeps you away from all kinds of life-threatening viruses, such as Covid19 itself.

9. Track Your Time

When life goes back to normal, learn how to track your time. Look for ways to cut down on what you think is not adding to your life’s betterment in any way. Be it catching up with old friends, filtering work emails, watching global news, or social networking, do not spend time on what distracts you from living with intentionality and freedom. Time is the most valuable resource and when life gets simpler, making most of your time becomes easy. Tracking your time and activities pertains to focus. Simplifying your life is the key as it frees up more time, and in turn, more money and mental bandwidth. That is the advantage of a simpler life in today’s world.

10.Learn to Appreciate Nature

People from all over have shared images of beautiful creatures flock their home streets while they have stayed indoors for their safety. Research states that the pollution levels have drastically reduced and pleasant winds blow through the day. Our surroundings are changing for the better in less than a month of us being locked in our homes. What does that suggest? It tells us that we do not fully appreciate nature. We do not respect it enough to take care of it. The point is not to remain indoors forever but to be extra cautious when you step out. Make sure you keep your surroundings clean, wipe down any surfaces you come in close contact with, and burn less fuel. Optimum consumption of resources is the key to a better, healthier, and safer life.

Now it is the right time for everybody from the bottom to the top including the Thinkers, Planners, Environmentalists, Geologists, Agronomists, Naturalists, Philosophers, Scientists from all faculties, Social Activists, World Leaders, Rulers, Politicians and the like everybody should be awakened and a New World Order in a new pattern aiming at caring oneself, the society, the country and the whole world with particular attention, care, and protection to the Mother Earth and Nature. There should be radical transformation in the human consciousness aiming at a renewed life journey with a new destination and difference.

“Let our new beginning be the beginning of a big change for the new millennium”

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