Importance of Youth Counseling In America

Dr. Purushothaman
April 7, 2019

Adolescence is a stage in life when every person goes through a lot of emotions and changes. The sudden change in mood, the change in physical appearance, relationships and many more such things causes turbulence in the behavior of youth.
On an average it is estimated that at least 3.1 million adolescents in the United States faced major depressive episode in 2017. This means about 20 percent of teenagers experience depression before reaching adulthood.
This is why youth counseling becomes very important. Proper counseling helps youth in learning good habits and valuable lessons. Proper guidance from experienced professionals can help youth in polishing their personality. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of youth counseling, when it is required, why is it essential and much more.

Issues that Require Youth Counseling

Young people face a lot of issues, but are often ignorant about the seriousness of these issues. They often do not know whether counseling is right for them or not; or whether their issue is big enough that requires counseling. Below we are listing out some of the issues that teens often face and find it hard to share with anyone.

  • Bullying at school or from peers

  • Mismanagement of time

  • Isolation from peers

  • Trouble due to the divorce of parents

  • Too conscience about self-image

  • Regular fight with parents

  • Physical abuse

  • Too much stress

  • Panic attacks

  • Unable to cope up with the transition from kid to teen

  • Eating disorders

  • Issues in a dating relationship

  • Urge to suicide

  • Addiction to bad things

  • Feeling of harming oneself

These issues require action and if left unaddressed can cause a lot of harm to youth.

Why Youth Counseling is Essential?

  • Youth Counseling helps the youngsters in understanding their feelings, thoughts and behavior in a better way. The counselor understands the problematic behavior of the individuals and solves their problems through counseling sessions.

  • The parents often find the adolescence stage of their child very tough and a confusing task. It is very important for the parents to look after their children at such age in the best possible ways. In such a scenario, the parents can approach the youth counselor who can take regular sessions which prove to be very effective.

  • Stress and anxiety are the biggest issues that adolescents face these days. They can be very tough to handle. A counselor can address such issues and offer mental peace for youth.

  • Young adults may attend interactive counseling workshops and other practical sessions. During the workshops, the counselor promotes the youth participants to participate in activities like gaming, talking, and other practical sessions. Researchers have found that the outcome of activity-based sessions have been very fruitful.

  • Sometimes to find the root cause of the problem, one-on-one counseling session is very helpful.

  • Youths suffering from psychological problems can have a bad impact on their studies. With youth counseling sessions they can learn the art of solving problems and deal with various issues in their lives.

  • By attending the youth counseling sessions, the students can learn to instill discipline in their lives. With the right guidance, they can achieve their goals and know what things they need to do to achieve them.

  • Youth often finds it hard to share their feelings with anyone out of shame or any other reason. With counseling, they get an environment of freedom and learn to express things fearlessly. This helps in relaxing their mind and helps in their overall personality development.

Long Term Impact of Youth Counseling

There is an old saying “A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved”. Encouraging the youth to talk and share about the issues will help them believe that such discussions are fruitful for a better life. By having a third person to share life issues always makes discussing things and sharing issues a lot easier for adolescents. Counseling helps the youth develop into a stronger and better person. With right counseling, youth will be able to face emotional, financial or physical problems with a better mindset and determination. There have been regular cases of suicide and violent behavior of young teens in America. Youth counseling helps in the reduction of such cases and turn society into a better place.

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