How do I stop expecting so much from others?

Dr. Purushothaman
June 19, 2019

All of us have some expectations which help us to drive our life through the rough sea that is our life. Actually, we think that these expectations are the personal key to success. If you believe that just stop that, they are only expectations or probabilities. Sometimes you will get that sometimes you may not. If you will think that you are going to get something and you didn't get that what will happen. Definitely you will become sad and began to feel hopeless. Try to be realistic in your expectations. Expectations which are realistic will help you to build a balanced life. Always try to take responsibilities of your decisions and your life which will make you to be reduce your expectancies. When you feel that your expectations cannot make any change in this world, then try to change that expectations than trying to change others vision.

Some steps to reduce expectation

  • Setting expectations which are easy for others to give.

  • You should be clear about what you are expecting and how much you are expecting.

  • Fix some time lines for your expectancies.

  • Always try to follow up your expectations.

  • Try to accept things more than expecting a perfect one.

  • If you are expecting from your loved one always try to communicate your expectations. This is because they may not know about your thoughts and we feel that they know everything and they are simply ignoring us.

  • Always try to ask others what is their expectancy for us.

  • Next important point to remember is that you should be grateful for others.

It is a common phenomenon and habit that most of the time most of us whether at home, workplace or move elsewhere with great concepts and beliefs and also we have preconceived notion and opinion about persons, whether relative or otherwise. Really, we are all hardwired in our mental makeup. Most of the time we don’t see or try to experience anything new. We tried to see things with a narrow angle and many a times we are not at all aware about what is happening in and around us. To be free from all the situations we should keep an open mind and we should be ready to learn and observe things as a fresh or a new. If that state of mind is developed all this confusion will vanish.

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