Why Family Counseling is Necessary In America

Dr. Purushothaman
July 3, 2019

The structure of our society is wide, diverse and complicated. Things have changed very rapidly and the ways of communication after technological advancements have changed drastically. Computers, internet and cell phones are present in every room. This has led to a breakdown in communication between a family and the disintegration of the household. Also, this leads to many conflicts, troubles and issues in the family. Therefore, family counseling is one of the effective ways that helps in resolving family issues and problems.

Reasons Why You May Need Family Counseling

Below are some of the reasons that suggest that you may need family counseling;

  • When two families become one, they may find it difficult to communicate and open up with each other. Sometimes the harmony between the families can become hard to maintain. This is the most difficult aspect of a blended family. Family counseling can help such families to overcome their issues and problems.

  • The scenario of family members being busy on their cell phones within the same room is very common. The phones have connected us to social media, but at the same time have disconnected us from our families. Such a disconnect leads to a communication gap in the family, which further leads to discussions and conflicts. Family counselor in such a scenario helps the family to unplug from electronic gadgets and communicate effectively within the family.

  • Teenagers often disconnect from the family due to various reasons like privacy, mood swings, etc. On some days the husband or wife might feel like being alone from the family responsibilities and that can lead to many problems. Family members sometimes withdraw themselves from the family out of depression too. Therefore, being a loner is a sign when you must consult a family counselor. The counselor helps in identifying issues and bringing back the connection with the family.

  • Adolescents and teenagers often cause disharmony in the family. They are impatient, dramatic, questioning, angst, etc. Often they do not know the reason for such behavior. In such situations, a counselor can help the parents in understanding the teenager’s behavior and help to sort the behavior problems among the adolescents.

  • Addicts of drugs and alcohol in the family have a severe effect on the family members. Addicts can be very hard to come to terms with and they cause an emotional breakdown in the family. A family counselor helps in overcoming drug and alcohol problems among the addicts. The counselor helps such an addict to rehab and makes the family members understand how love and support towards the addict can help to recover quickly.

  • When one member of the family holds grudges in the family, the entire family suffers. Holding grudges create an environment of stress and anger in the family. Such feelings lead to unnecessary fights and bitterness among the members. In such cases, family counseling helps in building trust and healthy communication among family members.

  • The above are a few of the situations when you may need family counseling. Now let us have a look at some of the benefits of family counseling.

Benefits of Family Counseling

  • A family counselor helps the family in their difficult times and brings the family together. The counseling session breaks the ice among the family members and enables them to understand each other.

  • The relationship among the family often faces conflict and if not timely resolved, it can damage the relationship among the members. A family counseling session helps in settling the differences among the family members and strengthen the bond of the family.

  • In the modern era when people search for happiness in electronic gadgets, family counseling sessions makes the family understand the meaning of real happiness together. A counselor helps them overcome the addiction to gadgets and makes them realize that real happiness lies beyond the electronic world.

  • Divorce is one of the primary reasons for a stressful situation in a family. A family counselor can help the couple in resolving the conflict and making the family unit stronger. In worst cases, even after counseling when the couple wants to get a divorce, the family counselor helps in making the family members stronger.

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