Why do I lack self-confidence?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 8, 2020

Confidence is a major factor that we have to acquire for leading a successful and purposeful life.
Many a times our confidence level varies due to many things. But one thing is certain that only when we are confident and courageous, we can move forward with certainty. Our life is full of challenging situations and problems and can be managed effectively by a confident state of mind. The pathetic thing is that majority of us are not confident, even in silly and simple things in their day to day life.

Have you ever questioned your thoughts? Have you ever been judgmental about yourself? What you end up saying when you look yourself in the mirror? I am pretty sure that you end up saying, “I am useless” or “Why I am not capable enough to do anything”? Below are three points that you need to consider if you are feeling the same.

  • Thoughts:

You must change the way how you think. Instead of considering your glass half-empty, see it as half full. Try to be positive all the time. The better your thoughts are, the better you feel throughout the day.

  • Boundaries:

Don’t feel shy or afraid to say no if you do not want to do anything. Doing anything into pressure will leave you feeling ashamed, unbalanced, guilty and less confident.

  • Beliefs

Beliefs are the most vital part of the entire procedure of making yourself confident. Whatever you believe leads your life, and you can change your life by the way you think. If you believe that you cannot do anything and you are just a piece of crap, you will surely feel like one. So, keep appreciating yourself by some kind words like I am capable enough to do anything, I am intelligent, and I am worthy.

Realistic feelings of positive self-esteem and confidence, actually affect how you react to a situation and how happy you are in your life. Having self-confidence does not mean that you can do anything anywhere. It is all about being positive and accepting yourself, even if your expectations are not met.

Remember that you are capable and worthy- just as much as your friends, regardless of what mistakes you have made in the past — knowing that intellectually is the initial step to believe in yourself. Believing or having faith is the key to live a healthy life.

Going to a professional counselor and having a conversation with them about your issues is the best way to beat lack of confidence. “Living in Wellbeing” – a life changing center in Kerala, offers services that can lead you to a healthy and confident life.

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