Simple Practices for Freedom From COVID-19 Crisis

Dr. Purushothaman
June 17, 2020

Right in the middle of a lot of confusion going around in the world in these days of COVID-19 attack, how is it possible to take care of ourselves, is a really big question. Let us take a look into some of the practices that we can follow to help ourselves in such a situation. The following simple practices will help us to tide over the present crisis very easily and effectively. Even though it seems to be simple, please understand that these tips will definitely help us in a big way.

  • Deep breathing right into the belly. If you plan to do this, you can start right at any point in time or whether you are doing anything or not. Getting tensed thinking of the situation we are in, right now can freak us out. To relax, we need to get things out of our minds and our bodies. For this, take a couple of deep breathes right into the bellies. Make sure that you breathe very deeply. Such breathing methods for around a minute or more can calm you down and help you to understand the situation more deeply.
  • Be compassionate to your feelings. You need to give full attention to the body’s sensation and you can understand how fear and anxiety or even uncertainty can make your body feel tense. Deep breaths can help you bring out of your worries and allow you to feel good. For this, you need to give such feelings space and letting yourself know that everything will be all right. The kind of compassion you give to yourself will make you feel good and better than before. It cools down the frustration.
  • Try to find calm even when you are in the midst of a big storm. Right when you know that the world is in a situation of chaos, is it possible to find some amount of calmness? Yes, you can calm yourself if you breathe deeply. Soon you will find the good things around you and also understand its beauty. You can take a new step now with a calm and cool mind.
  • Be compassionate to others. When you become compassionate to yourself, you will be able to come out of your fears. You will be calm and more relaxed. This will help you to be open to others. You also understand that other people are afraid and anxious and you will be able to understand their feelings. Do let them know you are compassionate right from the heart. This can heal everyone you know. This method will help you to interact with others positively. Be more compassionate and more loving. But first of all, you need to be more loving and compassionate to your true self; calm yourself up and soon you can be of help to others around you.

To be a person who is more compassionate and more understanding has to love one has to love oneself. Or else being compassionate to others will never happen. You will always be selfish and self-centered and most important of all, a person who worries about any or every issue. When you give peace to yourself, you can give peace and be compassionate to others. To practice sympathy and empathy to our fellow beings is a good thing, especially in a crisis like COVID -19 when everybody is in full darkness and also when life has come to a standstill. This is the time when we should love and care for our fellow beings which will make them more freed and will prevent them from a mental breakup. Make it a habit to talk to a new person every day, enquiring about their present problems and listen to them and give them appropriate advice and help. You can also direct them to Authorized persons, Mentors, Counselors and Advisers. Your support at this time will be of great help to them.


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