How The New World After COVID-19 Pandemic?

Dr. Purushothaman
July 1, 2020

Never in our life had we had experienced such a heartbreaking time like the COVID-19 disaster, which will remain in the history of mankind forever. Irrespective of the age, sex, creed, caste, religion, belief systems or socioeconomic status, it spread a colossal misery to mankind. The physical, mental, financial and related stress and strain had gone to the depth of the mind of everybody and had really brainstormed us. Yes, still we are in the midst of the Corona tragedy and it may continue for a long time beyond our speculations. The unknown and unpredictable nature of the origin, spread, morbidity, mortality and the associated problems and challenges to the whole population in all countries is really an enigma. Future being like this, we are really confused about the what, why, when, where and how of our life. This is really important for making in-depth changes and well planned futuristic projects and programs aligning with the low of nature.

This subject is very important in the current scenario. Here we are trying to present the major areas and steps to be taken in the future. Each step needs elaborate thinking and planning.

We should also notice that nature has lost it’s balance and is trying to bring it back to a normal state. Nature really loves us- but we started gradually hating nature and destroying it by various methods. Anyhow a “Returning Back to Home” policy is really needed. So we should make new strategic plans, ideas, etc. in the personal, social, governmental, national and international levels. The active interaction of all authorized Governmental and Non-Governmental bodies are highly needed.

An overview of what we should do in the coming days

  • Everybody should learn to lead a simple and humble life in all aspects/ a minimalistic way of living
  • Self-care in all aspects, giving more importance to personal health and hygiene and we should be aware of how to lead a healthy life
  • Eradicate unnecessary fear and phobia and negative thoughts is a must.
  • We should lead a well-disciplined and systematic life with definite goals and dreams
  • We should give importance to human values, virtues and the like refined qualities in life
  • We should develop self-confidence and courage to face any eventualities in life.
  • Understand that daily stress and strain is a part of our life. We should learn to lead a stress-free life by all means
  • In this changed setup, try to develop new spaces, new skills, new techniques, methods, etc. suitable for the present and future life.
  • We should also change many of our bad habits and should acquire new good habits.
  • We should understand the changing nature of our life and should have a let-go attitude in life
  • The importance of self-study and self-awareness about human values and virtues should become a part of our life. You may add any more things that may come to your mind.
  • Major changes in the health delivery systems giving more importance to primary healthcare and community medicine and epidemiological research focusing on the common people providing affordable, acceptable and accessible medical support with more importance to emergency management. The importance of research and development of drugs and vaccination should also be given more priority. The incorporation of alternative systems of medicine should also be considered along with mainstream methods. Special care should be taken to the vulnerable age groups (below 10 and above 60) in all aspects of life in all parts of the world. The necessity of Tele-health services is to be thought of. We should understand that human health and the health of nature are interlinked.
  • Giving more importance on caring the biodiversity, ecosystem and natural resources is a must. More focus is to be given for agricultural activities and adequate steps should be taken to produce sufficient food materials to cater to the need of the entire population. Unadulterated food and food products should be supplied uninterruptedly to everybody
  • Globalization has intruded on the deeper levels of everybody’s life and it should be properly controlled and monitored and limited to the specific threshold level.
  • The necessity and effectiveness of social distancing should be made aware to everybody and should become a habit and a practice in the future from all walks of life.
  • The work and workplace protocol should be radically changed. Work at home should be promoted and should be implemented in the majority of the organizations, institutions, companies, corporate areas and the like and should be supported by the law of the country.
  • Reorganizing the financial and the economic policy should be made mandatory and everybody should follow strict financial discipline in the personal to the global level
  • A Re-written Political Philosophy should be implemented in all countries giving importance to values and virtues.
  • All the leaders and rulers should immediately change their mental attitude and approach and new policies should be implemented in that manner only.
  • The necessity of the digital world should be accepted and followed by everybody all over the world. In the coming future, Data is going to replace manpower and effort to a great extent. But one thing “Data should not rule us, but we should rule the data”. Human effort should be reduced to the minimum in the coming future.
  • There should be a radical change in the education system from the early school days onwards. Values and virtues and human relationships and the like topics should become a part of the curriculum.The importance of biological and other natural sciences should also be included in the curriculum and should be given importance. From early childhood, children should understand the importance of Digital education and study at home should become the mainstay of our educational policies. This subject needs elaborate discussion, planning and implementation by concerned authorities in each and every Country.
  • Control of the world population should be given urgent priority due to the disparity between the resources and the demand. The demand is increasing and the resources are shrinking. Currently, the world population is exceeding (7.8 Billion) and will be increasing alarmingly in the coming years. We have to explore more resources to cope with this dangerous situation. The population control should be given the highest priority in all countries, irrespective of the culture, custom, belief and the religious and spiritual systems

Life is an ever-changing phenomenon. Realy the present situation is a great lesson that should awaken our consciousness and should also change our way of thinking. Previously we were attuned to see life at the superficial level. Now it is high time that we should turn back to our original nature, our source, also about the what, why and how of our life. This is really a transitional period/a turning point in everybody’s life. Let us really start introspecting on this point. Let us go to our original abode, our original state, where we will find precious pearls of vision and wisdom, which will direct us to go forward in the right and straight path. Yes, it’s the beginning of a new life. Let us express, experience and enjoy the renewed life in the coming days.

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