Important Things To Learn From COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Purushothaman
May 10, 2020

The entire humanity is passing through the most miserable and mysterious period never experienced in the history of mankind. The sudden unexpected COVID 19 pandemic started in the late 2019 in China is putting everybody in unexplainable misery. To be more specific, everybody is in darkness, in total confusion and our life has come to a standstill. We are trying to find out an answer to this challenge from various perspectives- Medical, Scientific, Socio-Economic, Ecological and Metaphysical, etc. Even though the evident positive factor for this pandemic is a self-mutating and virulent virus- The Novel Corona Virus- there are many contributing factors to this disaster. We should understand that we are living in this century, where all Medical, Scientific and Technological Advancements and Databased support are at the peak level and we could not imagine such a time in the past.

At one end of the spectrum, we are at the peak level of all material luxuries and facilities, but at the other end, we are totally shattered, miserable and suffering from this heart-breaking calamity. This is the time we should think and learn a lot of lessons in our life in all aspects, especially about the Mother Earth, the Environment, our Culture, our Beliefs, Systems, Customs, Attitude, Approach, the Lifestyle and the like many things. It is the crucial time for a paradigm shift in our Consciousness and also for a total Transformation in the whole world- A New World Order. Creative, practical and positive changes should take place from the grass-root level- from the Personal to the Global level. Yes, it is an apt time for us to change!

We have really started changing in the subtle levels and it will be evident in the gross levels very soon.

Lessons to be learned

To answer these emerging pertinent questions after the COVID-19 attack, we should have a wider perspective and should understand something beyond the Medical information. Don’t think it as a mere Viral infection with its specific complications like various morbidities and a certain percentage of mortality- but it is a play of the Mother Nature, a tool of the Nature to keep it’s Balance and Equilibrium. Nature was on the verge of a breakdown and imbalance. Actually “The Corona Effect” is Nature’s balancing effect in all aspects. Now a new way of thinking and a new life should start. The COVID-19 Attack is a Warning Sign that something more dangerous and destructive is awaiting Humanity. We should abandon the idea of “War between Countries” and we should start a War against the destructive ideas of mankind, especially world leaders and rulers. Let us think about some basic lessons/ changes we should have in the personal, social, and global levels in the coming days.

  • Personal lessons to be learned
  • Practicing simplicity and minimalistic way of life.
  • Giving importance to Self-care in all aspects.
  • Learning to unlearn the unnecessary fear and phobia.
  • Understanding the Myth and Reality In Life.
  • Learning to live with Discipline, Determination, and Dedication.
  • Understanding the Values and Virtues in life.
  • Understanding the importance of Courage, Confidence & Self-Knowledge.
  • Learning to lead a Stress-Free life.
  • Learning to acquire new Skills, Good Habits and the like.
  • Learning to love nature and many more, that we encounter in life.
  • Changes in the Health Care System. COVID- 19 Pandemic has revealed the inefficiency and inadequacy of the present health care systems, especially in the primary and peripheral medical care area, even in the most affluent countries like the Europe, USA and others. The majority of the health delivery systems were giving importance to the most modern and high-tech methods, ignoring the basic simple necessities in the grass-root levels and also about the common people’s medical problems. The rich countries had a wrong notion that they were free from all infectious diseases and had eradicated it forever. Now to the surprise of everybody in every country, Pandemics like COVID-19 are emerging. So what the health planners and the WHO should do is to provide more effort, research, equipments, medications, vaccines, and also sufficient support force in the control and management of future Epidemics. More importance should be given for Epidemiological projects and programs, incorporating all the other supporting faculties. “Primary healthcare should be given our highest priority”. Actually, Indian subcontinent and Kerala state should be highlighted as a role model in this regard.
  • Caring the Ecosystem, Biodiversity & Natural Resources. Giving importance to agriculture and farming and the related areas should be given the highest priority so that our Ecosystem, Biodiversity & Natural Resources will be maintained. Protecting the Mother Earth and keeping the balance of Nature is of paramount importance.
  • Impact of Globalization should be understood. The enthusiasm for excessive Globalization should be gradually reduced to a certain specific level, feasible and useful to the particular locality and country.
  • Appropriate steps to take care of the vulnerable age groups. Below 10 and above 60 should be given sufficient priority in all countries irrespective of the custom or system prevailing there.
  • The global introduction of social distancing. It should become a habit and a fact of everybody,in every society, culture and country.
  • Compulsory “stay & work at home”. Once a week (any holiday) should be implemented in all countries. If this becomes a practice and a habit, we will notice a great difference in our life.
  • Strict economic planning, financial discipline. Fund distribution and the like should be re-organized and implemented by all countries in accordance with the rules and regulations and should be updated in this present situation with a futuristic projection.
  • The political philosophy should be re-written. Values virtues and philosophy-oriented political, governmental and world leaders is the necessity of the present time. Additionally, the present world leaders and rulers should change their thinking, attitude and approach immediately. There should be well-informed and insightful advisers from all walks of life to give timely and meaningful advice to the leaders. They should have futuristic practical projections and programs in their mind.
  • Now the digital world is becoming a Reality. This century is an example of Digital Life. Digitalization has invaded the whole spectrum of human life and we have become part of it. We are unable to live without the support of Data. But currently, data has started overruling us and leading to many unexpected and uncontrollable problems. Human consciousness should be always above the Digital World-

“We should not allow data to rule us-but we should rule the data”

  • Reducing the disparity between demand and resources. The world population is increasing alarmingly (8 Billion) even though specific steps to reduce the population growth are implemented in all countries. At the same time, the demand for all commodities and utilities, accommodation-spaces, travel requirements, work & workplace and other necessities are increasing disproportionately to the available resources, which are shrinking due to various causes. This situation is of great concern and should be managed very judiciously, especially in a post-pandemic situation like this, where everything is to be started afresh and anew and proper planning and appropriate actions are urgently needed.
  • Always expect the unexpected. Everybody should be aware of the uncertainty of our life and the world we are living in. Did anybody think, expect or imagine such a colossal misery like the COVID 19? Such major disasters are possible in the coming future also. Nothing is impossible. So be prepared to face any eventuality in the future. Even extinction of the human species from this earth or a frantic migration to the other planets may happen. All countries should prepare a plan of action with this type of worst disasters and unforeseen situations in mind.
  • Let us be optimistic/ Let us start a new beginning. Don’t be disappointed. Don’t think that everything is gone. No, it will never happen! The current Experience is for a Better Future which is brighter but we should be well planned and organized. As responsible persons, we should learn great lessons from what we had experienced during this big Pandemic, which had created deep-rooted injury in our physical and mental life. These experiences should be a stepping stone in our life. Really even without our knowledge, we have already started changing. The real change has sprouted in the subconscious level of our Mind- the Individual and the Cosmic Mind. And we will notice the changes that will occur in our life very soon. New thoughts, new ideas, projects, ventures, startups and the like fantastic things are awaiting us ahead. Let us make use of it.

“Let us Start a renewed life journey with a great destination and difference in the days, weeks, months and years to come, for a brighter future.”

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