How do I stop Anxiety Disorder?

Dr. Purushothaman
June 5, 2019

Between everyday work, family, bills and trying to stay fit, the regular chaos of life can turn you into an anxious person. But worry not, you are not alone. Anxiety disorder is a common problem and with proper remedies, you can overcome it.

In our Daily Life, as mentioned above knowingly or unknowingly from morning till we are asleep, so also from birth to death, irrespective of age, sex, religion, locality or other social economic status each and everybody are exposing a lot of challenges and situations which cause a lot of Stress and Strain and also associated Anxiety problems. Most of the time we are unaware of the cause and the presence of Anxiety in our life. Many times these symptoms are expressed when we are meeting and interacting with other people. It is interesting to note that majority of Anxiety Disorders are associated with anger also. What ever may be the reason Anxiety is an alarming problem which creates a lot of mental, emotional and physical disorders.

Sometimes, overcoming anxiety is just a matter of modifying your thoughts, behavior and lifestyle. Staying around positive people, having positive thoughts, eating right and following a proper sleeping schedule are some of the natural remedies to over anxiety.

But if the problem is severe, it is important to get to the root cause of anxiety. Only then you can find a permanent solution to your problem. The most effective way to overcome this problem is with the combination of self-help and professional therapy or counseling.

An informative self-help adviser will make you understand the triggers that can lead to anxiety and associated symptoms in your day to day life and also how your body and mind are affected and also about the symptoms and more over what you can do to help yourself overcome this problem.

A professional therapist can help you identify and address these issues with a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. They have the experience and expertise to study each individual case and come out with the most effective solution.
At LivingInWellbeing, we follow an approach which identifies the root cause of the problem and address so it does not occur again. Our aim is to help you attain a better wellbeing for yourself. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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